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Spanked Cheerleader 3

February 28th, 2008

The thought of being thrown off the squad let alone having my parents find out and giving up my uniform was more than I could bear. Tears began to roll down my cheeks and I wept and started to plead with Mr. Humphrey to reconsider his decision. He stood firm on his decision as he held his chin in his hand as he listened to my continued pleas. He know how much the squad meant to me.

I said that I would acquiesce to any other form of punishment other than having to give up my position on the squad. He than suggested that 10 firm swats with the dreaded paddle that was bored with holes would be considered to be sufficient punishment as long as I would promise never to participate in such dealings again and did not tell my parents about this form of punishment. I naturally made the promises and was happy to receive my spanking. He bent me over his leather chair and I grasped the edge of the seat as my ass was raised high in the air. He gave me one large *SWAT*. He then said,

“Christy, I want you to take your punishment like a big girl —- pull down your panties.” At first I was shocked, then my face and body flushed with heat for the idea of my exposing myself was a long-held fantasy for me. I reached up under my shirt and pulled my panties down all the way to my ankles. The heat in my body rose to a fever pitch and I smiled gleefully at my handsome, Mr Humphrey. He must have noticed my excitement because he snapped at me to resume my position and ready myself for the rest of my punishment.

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