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Spanked Cheerleader 4

February 28th, 2008

I leaned over the back of the chair again, raised my hot pink cheeks and exposed pussy high in the air and grabbed hold of the edge of the seat. Between my soft young thighs, I could feel my newly furry sprouted thatch of hair that barely covered my pink pussy rub up against the leather chair as I braced myself for the next round of spanking. Mr Humphrey’s drew back even further this time and the paddle land heavily on my bear bum with a loud *SMACK*.

With each repeated round, the strength of his stroke felt more and more intense and I could feel the sting on my reddened hot ass as tears began to stream down my cheeks. I heard him draw back again and instinctively reached around to grasp the paddle to stop it’s approach but discovered that instead of the paddle, I had grasped hold of a large pulsating bulge within the recesses of his wool pants.

We were both FROZEN in position. My twat began to pulsate in the same rhythmic speed that I felt form his cock in my hand. Dampness formed between my legs and moistened what pubic hair I had while the rest of my wetness slowly trickled down the side of my leg. I was ready and willing to receive the slap of *HIS* rod so I unzipped his pants and released his massive pulsating chock. I directed it towards me and I stretched my pink bottom backward to approach his “bulls eye” target.

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