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Spanked Cheerleader 5

February 28th, 2008

I then put my other hand between my legs and reached back for his throbbing cock and pulled it between my hot thighs to brush is of my clit. I ran his head between my legs again to further lubricate his hot cock and excite my already ready clit.

I opened my hand and massaged his cock against the face of my dripping wet cunt. I turned my head around and looked up to Mr. Humphrey with my big blue eyes and said “Slap me with you pole and I’ll *promise* to be good.”I leaned over the chair again and spread my legs apart to create an opening for his approaching body.

I directed his throbbing head to my tight but wet cunt. He firmly grabbed hold of both my hip and slowly teased me with the top of his head. I wanted to drive him deeper but he said I would have to hold still and wait, and should just hold onto the sides of the chair , bend over and not let a sound out of my mouth.

I obediently leaned further forward and braced myself for what was to come. He drove himself deeper and deeper inside me. At first his rhythm was slow, but his pace quickened with every approach until he began slapping me with his dick almost as hard as he had with his paddle. The noise of his cock and body slamming against mine was as loud as the paddle and his balls would jump up in front of my pussy which excited me evermore.

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