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The Shemale Wife 2

March 22nd, 2010

“The minister is fresh out of the seminary and welcomes any practice he can get,” my wife said. “mel is going to be the best man, and Carla is going to be your attendant.

I couldn’t believe she had told our friends about my crossdressing. How could I ever face Mel again? Especially as a hot ass tranny.

The night of the wedding, Lulu came in to see how I was doing getting dressed. I was surprised to see Carla and her wearing matching dresses.

“Gee, I thought you’d be wearing a tux,” I said, “not dressed like the maid of honor.”

“Oh, no,” Lulu laughed. “I said Carla was your attendant I’m your maid of honor.”

“But you are the groom!” I exclaimed.

“I can’t very well marry another woman. Remember you’re the hot ass tranny crossdresser in this family, not me.”

“Then who’s the groom?” I was getting worried now.

“Just like a woman to be nervous on her wedding day,” Lulu said turning to leave. “See you down front. Don’t forget to say your `I do’s” nice and loud.”

Carla walked over to me, kissed me on the cheek and said, “You are a very beautiful bride.” Then, barely holding back the laughter, she added, “I’m sure you’ll make him very happy. Enjoy your honeymoon, you really are a hot ass tranny and deserve some great sex.”

What did she mean by that? I wasn’t nervous now. i was just plain scared. What had Lulu cooked up this time? Just then I heard the music begin, my cue to start down the isle. When I looked down front, there stood Carla and Lulu, smiling at me. On the other side stood Mel, his mouth was wide open. I was hoping that meant he was Impresses with how I looked. I nearly fainted when I saw the man next to Mel. He was about six feet tall, quite nice looking, and a total stranger to me. Where had Lulu gotten this guy? Did he know who or what I was?

As I got to the front, I looked at my wife, handing her my flowers. She whispered, “I love you.” Then I turned as the minister began talking. He was so young. He looked as if he was fresh out of high school. I though, wow he would make such a hot young tranny. He instructed us to face each other and repeat the vows. I looked at this guy standing next to me. He looked deeply into my eyes and smiled warmly. My knees almost gave way. He was holding my hands and saying, “I do.”

“Lulu,” I thought, “when are you going to call this off?” I heard myself say a week “I do.” My god, what about the kiss? m I supposed to kiss this guy? I’ve never kissed a guy in my life. Just then he lifted my veil. I felt my head tilt up and my eyes close. I felt something warm on my lips, softly at first then with steadily increasing pressure.

His arms were around me, pulling me tight against him. He was so strong. My hand was on his back and I was pulling him closer. I was really kissing him, and what a kiss! Then the music started, and everyone was talking at once. Lulu was hugging me, telling me how proud she was of me, asking how I felt. Before I could answer, Carla gave me a kiss, saying what a beautiful wedding it was.

Then Mel came over, saying he wanted to kiss the bride, and gave me a big kiss on the lips, and said, “Hey, a girl only gets married like this once.” he seemed so accepting of me being a shemale.

Lulu was saying, ” Come on, newlyweds, let’s cut the cake and open the presents.”

My “groom,” who I learned was named Ron, took my hand and led me up the isle. On the way he said, “You’re very beautiful. I’m glad I got to be a part of this.” Then he stopped and kissed me again. I was surprised that I was not repulsed by this and in fact enjoyed kissing him back. “Very funny, Lulu,” I thought. “Don’t make jokes like that in front of everyone.” Just then Ron gave my hand another squeeze, and I blushed.

We all laughed as we went through the typical cake- cutting-and-feeding ritual. Then came the gifts. Mel and Carla gave us a bottle of champagne. Ron said, “She may need that.” Then Lulu gave us each a box. Inside mine I found an envelope and a beautiful long flowing nightgown which I was told to hold up. Then I opened up the envelope and read out- loud the note inside.

“Every girl dreams about her wedding and fantasizes about her honeymoon. To complete your trip into womanhood, I am giving you a honeymoon. You and Ron are registered at a hotel for the next four days. Your clothes and everything you need are already there. Have a good time. And don’t worry, all girls are nervous on there wedding night, even hot ass trannies.”

I looked to see Mel and Carla smiling and Lulu wearing a big grin. Then I looked at Ron who was also smiling. He then showed me what was in his box: a large tube of KY lubricating jelly!”

Lulu whispered in my ear, ” I want to hear all about it when you get home, you hot ass tranny.”

I had neve had a hard cock in my shemale ass before, but now was a great time to start.

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