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Beauty In A Bar Act 2

February 2nd, 2010

She didn’t waste much time, and I felt her sticky finger on the tip of my rod before the rest of her naughty companions wrapped around the shaft. The hand worked down me, pulling the foreskin tight. And then, the sweet kiss of those lips. She took the head into her mouth, laving it with her tongue. The sucking began, and I thought I was going to pass out in ecstasy. Suck and release, suck and release – timed to long strokes up and down my shaft. I moved my hand to hold her head, and she slapped it down. Teeth pressed against by dick, and I learned my lesson quickly.

Confident that I wasn’t going to try to interfere again, she pulled by clothing further down my legs to my ankles and pushed my legs further apart. Her free hand slid between my legs, and under my cock and going further. She massaged the soft flesh on her way under my ass. Perhaps it wasn’t such a surprise when her finger began to rub my anus in time to her oral ministrations. The hand stroking my shaft pushed against my pelvis as her mouth took over the job of working the length of my manhood.

I knew I wouldn’t last much longer, and when she pushed her finger into my ass, I felt the pressure building. I couldn’t stop from growling low in my throat as she took more and more of my cock into her mouth faster and faster. She was enjoying this, swallowing more dick as she shoved her finger up my rear, then pulling both out just as quickly. And still I tried to see her tits falling free, with no luck. The strain was too much, and I began to spurt into her greedy mouth. She sucked with all her might, drinking my come as she finger-fucked my ass with abandon. I was groaning loudly, my voice echoing back to me from the walls. Damn, she was good. She kept sucking, stroking and ass-fingering long after I had finished coming.

Finally, she stopped. She kept my softening cock in her mouth, gently playing with it with her tongue. She toyed with it for a long while, letting me recover by breath as she softly sucked and caressed. I felt myself growing hard again.

I thought she would suck me off again, but as my hardness grew, she let it fall out of her mouth with a parting lick to the tip. She sat up, and damn it if her bra still refused to show me even a hint of nipple. She raised her eyebrows, watching my face again. I watched her tongue run over her full pink lips. And then she stood and turned around.

It nearly drove me insane to see her bare back, no bra hindering my view. She looked over her shoulder at me and moved her hands to her hips. Those hands moved so slowly, rolling her panties down to expose her rounded ass. She leaned forward with arched back as the damp underwear fell to the ground. Her ass was so perfect, a pair of white moons staring me in the face. I could only admire this rounded sign of divinity for so long, as my eyes were drawn between them. Her juices glistened on the sweetest pair of pussy lips I had ever laid eyes on. She leaned forward even more, thrusting her womanhood back toward me with legs spread.

I wanted so badly to dive my face into that jar of honey, but I knew she wouldn’t go any further if I disobeyed her command. I could only watch as one arm held her bra against her chest and the other emerged between her legs from the other side. Her fingers rubbed along her labia, spreading them wide and letting me see the bright pink secrets within. Inside went her middle finger to the second knuckle, then pulled out again before repeating. A poor second to my cock, I thought, but at least it was allowed within that tight hole.

She masturbated for what felt like hours, though I know it could be minutes at most. That cunt almost shone with the juices that coated it. She took her finger out, and massaged her sex to spread the lubrication all over and inside her thighs. I needed so badly to be inside her again, I could feel pre-come beading on the tip of my cock. She must have sensed it, because she stepped backwards and sat down on the edge of my thighs.

Her soft and smooth ass was a contrast to the hair on my legs as it slid backwards along my thighs and against my dick. Her arms crossed over her chest, determined not to let me see those tits. But that thought was fleeting as she began rubbing her round butt against me. Man, I wanted to be inside her so badly. She lifted herself up over my cock. Did she aim incorrectly or not? I don’t know, but my head pushed against the tighter of her two holes. I hadn’t expected an ass-fuck from her, but I sure wasn’t going to complain.

A sigh escaped her as she spread her legs even wider to ease my cock inside her butthole. So very, very tight. I started to push my hips up toward her, but she lifted herself up quickly. My cock throbbed at the sudden removal, and I thought all was lost.

She turned around, shaking her head. Damn it if her tits were still covered. I let my eyes wander down to her pubic area instead, hoping to drink in as much as I could before it was over. One hand moved down yet again, through her short and curlies toward her sex. She stared disapprovingly at me while she rubbed her clit back and forth. I couldn’t take my eyes off her cunt. I knew if I spoke, I’d only make things worse, and some hope within bubbled that maybe she’d give me one last chance. She did.

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