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Adoptive Mom Gives Enema 1

March 1st, 2010

Corbet knew he was wrong and deserved to be punished, but that didnÍt make it any easier. He sat, for what seemed like hours, in his parents master bedroom awaiting his fate. The rules were well known to him, but just this once, he though they could be bent a little bit. But to his parents, coming home two hours after curfew would not be tolerated under any circumstances. They had adopted him when he was 16, but now at 18 he had developed a bit of a rebellious streak.

Finally, he could hear his mother s footsteps in the hallway approaching the door. CorbetÍs heart began to race as the door swung open and his mother walked in the room. “Let’s not dilly dally young man, you know what to do,” she said.

“Yes mother,” was his only meek reply. As his mother disappeared into the bathroom, Corbet began to remove his clothing stripping on down to his underwear. He listened intently and with some trepidation as he heard the sounds of his mother preparing things for his punishment in the bathroom. As the sound of the cabinet door closing crept out into the bedroom, Corbet heard his motherÍs voice, “Corbet, I am ready for you now!” With a lump in his throat, Corbet entered the bathroom.

CorbetÍs stomach began to flutter when he saw the all too common instruments of his punishment. On the counter of the sink sat the red rubber two-quart enema bag and tubing. A large white douche nozzle was placed next to a small jar of Vaseline along with several latex examination gloves. More ominous was the large pitcher and new bar of Ivory soap. Corbet felt a hard tug on his arm as his mother positioned him facing the bathroom sink standing next to the toilet. Tears began to creep into his eyes as he watched his mother remove the wrapper from the bar of soap and place it in the pitcher. She then ran the hot water for several minutes, which seemed like hours to Corbet, before filling the container letting the water splash directly on the white floating bar.

CorbetÍs mother set the pitcher down on the counter top and opened the small bathroom cabinet to remove a roll of toilet paper, which she set on the back of the commode. Corbet couldnÍt look away from the pitcher as wispy trails of soapsuds floated off the bar of Ivory and drifted through the hot water. His mother swirled the soap in the pitcher with her finger until the water took on milky white color. She sighed as she removed the bar of soap and set it on the counter. It s surface was all bubbly and after sitting in the hot water for several minutes it was clearly apparent that it softened considerably.

Corbet sniffed as tears began to flow from the corners of his eyes as he watched his mother pour the contents of the pitcher into the red rubber enema bag. As bubbles flowed out of the top of the bag and dribbled down the sides of bulging bag, she put the empty pitcher down and screwed in the white cap, which was connected to the several feet of rubber tubing. His mother checked to see that the clamp on the tubing was closed as she turned and hung the enema bag from the shower curtain rod. Corbet sniffled again as he saw her take the large douche nozzle and slid it into the tubing, which now dangled from the bag like a snake.

Turning to Corbet, his mother said, “Now I think we are about ready young man. Come here!” Corbet took a few steps towards the sink as he watched his mother pick up a washcloth and wet it under hot running water. Tears flowed down his face as he watched her pick up the slippery bar of soap and rubbed it all over the wet washcloth, until a good lather was created. He watched his mother fold the cloth over several times before she turned to him and said, “Now open up!” Corbet began to plead for mercy as his mother grabbed the hair on the back of his head and forced the soapy washcloth into his mouth. “Mmmmpffhs,” was all that Corbet could say as the horrible taste of the soap overwhelmed his tastebuds and tears rolled down his expanded cheeks.

CorbetÍs mother put the lid down on the toilet and sat down. Reaching over she grabbed CorbetÍs hand and pulled him directly in front of her. This was the part that really embarrassed Corbet. Reaching her fingers into the waistband of his shorts, his mother pulled his underwear down to his ankles, leaving him naked before her. Corbet’s face flushed red as he fought off the urge to gag from the horrible soapy taste in his mouth.

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