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Beauty In A Bar Act 1

February 2nd, 2010

I was never one for drinking on a business trip, but after ten hours of listening to the benefits of extruded plastic, I needed to unwind. The convention hotel had a bar on the bottom floor. It was one of those places that are built for drinking and meeting, not for any kind of view or gimmick menus.It wasn’t full of people yet, but it wasn’t exactly empty. I found myself a place at the bar, ordered myself something watered down and settled down for an hour of no brain activity.

That’s probably why I almost fell off the stool, startled, when she asked me what I was drinking.

I turned around with a small smile in the voice’s direction, growing a little as I took her in. Man, she was gorgeous. The classical hourglass form covered in a smart skirt suit, her brown hair clasped in a bun on the top. Eyes you could stare into for hours. I felt myself doing just that, self-conscious as she waited for my answer. I told her what I had, and she ordered the same from the bartender.

I’m not ugly, but neither am I a ‘hunk’. It felt good having a woman approach me in a bar. We talked about plastics, laughed together about the foibles of some of the presenters, and shared trivialities. I glanced at the clock. It was two hours since I walked in, and it felt like two minutes. But tomorrow’s day was going to be another long one.

I finished off my drink, and smiled apologetically in preparation to make my departure. Instead, she said she had some samples she wanted me to look over, and wouldn’t it be quieter somewhere else – my room, perhaps?

Yeah right. Like I was going to say no.

I paid both of our bar tabs and led the way back to the elevators and my room. One good thing about my company, they’re willing to spring for comfort. I had a small suite all to myself, a sitting room branched off the bedroom. I let her in, and mixed up something light at the wet bar after dropping my tie and jacket on the bed.

About that time, I realized that she hadn’t brought anything up with her besides her purse. So much for looking at samples. We talked some more, about nothing in particular, and we moved into the sitting room. Placing her drink on the table, she looked at me for a long time with a sly smile, not talking. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but I didn’t have to wait long to find out.

She sat me down on the couch, telling me to not move unless she moved me or told me to. Not sure where this was leading, I said I would. With a coy smile, she moved away from me.

She stood before me in a skirt suit and silk blouse with a sultry look on her face. Her hands went to the buttons on her jacket, and slowly unbuttoned them one by one. She never once took her eyes from my face. I remained where I was sitting on the couch.

She pulled the jacket open as she arched her back. The jacket slid off her shoulders and to the ground as her chest pushed forward. Hands reached up to unfasten her bun, and with a slow head shake freed her long brown hair. The clasp joined her jacket. Not one word was spoken as she tugged the blouse out of her skirt.

I didn’t think she could arch her back any further while standing, but I was wrong. Arms crossed across to pull the blouse up and off, exposing the mounds of flesh barely being supported by white satin. She was already aroused, the mountains capped with hardened pearls. With a zip, her skirt followed the pattern of her other clothing, falling to the floor.

She took a step forward, and I shifted in my seat. Seeing her in only high heels, bra and panties was making my underwear uncomfortable. Her fingers traced lightly along her white flesh, exploring her body like a virgin in the throes of puberty. Palms cupped over her breasts, before one hand moved down her tummy. She still refused to look away from me as her hand slid under the edge of her panties. Slowly she bent her knees a little, spreading her legs. I could see her index finger slide up and down between them. She bit her lower lip.

It took all of my self-control not to get up and fuck her right there, but I followed her instructions to stay put. Her other hand was massaging her left tit through the satin, while she diddled away beneath her panties. The fabric of her underwear was darkening from her juices. She kept up for a long while, driving me nuts. I could hear her breath coming labored as she reached behind her to unclasp her bra.

It didn’t fall off her chest, though. Smiling, she stopped fingering her slit and stepped forward, close enough for me to touch. Knowing my temptation, she wagged the naughty finger in front of me, the light playing off the sheen of her natural lubrication. She threw me a bone, however, and pressed the finger against my lips, then between them. I licked the tip of that finger, savoring the sweet taste with eyes closed. Just as quickly, it was gone and she had straightened. Belatedly, I realized I had missed my chance to peek underneath that loose pair of satin cups.

My wait wasn’t long, because she knelt down in front of me, pushing my legs apart. Her hands rubbed roughly against my legs moving up from my knees toward my waist. It was all I could do not to come right then. Hands moved to the zipper of my slacks, yanking it down. She tugged hard, and my cock came free of clothing as they were pulled down to mid-thigh. I guess she didn’t mind I lifted my hips to help. Her smile then was the broadest yet, as I looked down past it toward those protruding globes. Oh, the agony of just small coverings of fabric.

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