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A Mind Under Control

February 19th, 2010

My assistant, Didi, and I were sent by our company to Cairo Egypt to do some financial work. One night, I was sitting alone at the bar, and a mysterious woman approached me with a message to meet her Master out at the tombs in an hour. Just as quickly as she appeared, she disappeared into the night. I tried to follow her, but lost her in the darkness. I knew where the tombs were, so in my curiosity, I decided to go to the tombs.

I arrived at the tombs exactly on time. I was met by the mysterious woman. She asked me to follow her, and led me to her Master, Abdul. “Jim”, he said, “because of the way you have been treated badly in your life, you have been chosen to receive the charmed amulet. I am an old man now, and I am ready to pass the amulet on, just as you will do when you become an old man. Until that time, you will have your desires come true; women, riches, possessions. The only condition is that you must wear the amulet at all times. Do you accept this amulet?” I was skeptical, but I decided to accept anyway. “Jim, I know that you are here in our country with your assistant, Didi. Try it on her. Even though she’s turned you down in the past, she’ll find you irresistible, if that’s what you want. You can take her virginity if that is what you want.” I turned to start walking back to the city, turned around to ask a question, and both Abdul and his slave were gone. I was mystified, turned around to start walking back, and I found myself already at my hotel. Still holding the amulet in my hand, I put it on.

I walked back into the hotel bar, and Didi was there having a drink. I sat down with here at the same table, and ordered a drink. Didi asked, “Where were you?” I replied, “Just taking a ]walk.” She acted as if she didn’t notice the amulet. We sat for a minute without talking, the amulet reading my thoughts started glowing, and Didi unbuttoned the front of her blouse and took it off. Her bra was plain. Didi said, “Let’s go back to my room. There’s something I want to give you.” While walking down the hall to her room, she unhooked and took off her bra. Her pink nipples were now standing at full attention. We stopped at her room door she embraced me and gave me a passionate kiss, and were exploring each others mouths with our tongues. I could feel my cock swelling in my pants. When we broke the kiss, we were both breathing heavily. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to do this, she groped at my crotch, smiled, and then turned to unlock her room. We went in, and she turned to lock the door.

We were both barefoot in the heat. She grabbed at my shirt, and tore it off of me. She was perspiring not from the heat, but from her excitement. I embraced her, and started sucking on her nipples. She groaned in excitement. I thought, damn, this bitch is in heat. While still sucking her nipples, I unfastened her shorts and let them fall to the floor. She stepped out of her shorts. I grabbed at her panties and ripped then off. I knelt down in front of her, and started licking at her pussy. She tasted so hot and so sweet. She grabbed at my hair for me to stand up. She gazed into my eyes for a second, then bent to kiss the amulet. She then loosened my bottoms and let them fall to the floor. Then she pulled my underwear to the floor.

I stepped out of my bottoms and jeans at the same time. She knelt to the floor, and stroked my cock. She put the head in her mouth, and grabbed my balls in her hand, gently squeezing. She licked at the tip of my cock, then took my cock all the way in her mouth, back to the throat. She was sucking greedily. I took my cock out of her mouth, and moved her to the bed. She was ready. She already had her legs open, ready for her fucking. I put my cockhead at the opening to her pussy. I put in my cock up to her hymen. I looked at her and could see the want in her face. I pushed in, popping her virginity, then pushed my entire length into her. She moaned loudly and she arched her back at my impalement. I started pounding at her wildly, and she bucked back. I felt her orgasm building. There was no holding back. As I felt her climaxing, I climaxed too. I pumped spurt after spurt into her hot cunt. I withdrew, and there were a few drops of cum at the tip of my cock. She moved her mouth down to my cock and licked up the last few drops. She then laid down so were face to face. She moved closer to me, kissed me and whispered “Thank you.”

The next morning, I woke before Didi did. I quietly dressed and slipped out the door without waking her. I went to the hotel’s restaurant for breakfast. Sitting there was Abdul, and his mistress, the mysterious woman. I walked over to their table. Abdul said to me “Now do you believe in the power of the amulet?” I asked him how the amulet worked. He told me “The amulet knows your thoughts and desires. You must wear it at all times so that it can learn more about you. It is not just a simple piece of jewelry, it is a powerful force.” I was still wearing the amulet. I was staring at the mystery woman, and the amulet started to glow. Immediately, the mystery woman crawled under the table, and crawled over to me. She reached up to my crotch and started rubbing. I was already hard just thinking about her. She slid my work shorts down off me, pulled them off, then slid my underwear down, and pulled them off too. She was stroking my cock and gently squeezing my balls that I thought I would pop. She then guided my cock to her mouth, and started sucking my cock. She immediately took my entire length in her mouth, and I climaxed in her mouth, and she swallowed so hard, not wanting a single drop to be lost. As she crawling out from under the table, Didi walked up to the table. She walked up to me, passionately kissed me, and seeing the woman, asked me “Having fun?”

“Yes I did. We were just sitting here waiting to order breakfast, and things just started to happen.” Didi said to me “I glad you were again satisfied.” Then Abdul spoke up, “The restaurant doesn’t open up for another hour.” Abdul and his slave then just vanished from sight. This didn’t seem to affect Didi. She stood up, took me by the hand, I stood up, and she again gave me a passionate kiss. The amulet started glowing brightly. She led me back to her room.

Inside the room, she undressed me quickly. She immediately dropped to her knees, and started sucking me off. While on her knees, she removed her blouse and bra quickly. I removed my cock from her mouth, kneeled down to her level, and kissed her while pulling gently on her nipples. I could hear her moaning through our kiss. She then again kissed the amulet, whispering to it. I could not hear what she said. I picked her up and carried her to the bed. I removed her shorts and panties. I started sucking on her clit. I then moved down, and stuck my tongue into her pussy. She moaned loudly and arched her back.

She pulled away slightly getting on her elbows and knees, and moaned at me “Fuck me now!” I moved to her pussy but didn’t put it in her. She started crying. “Please fuck me now.” That’s what I wanted to hear, for her to beg for it. In the first thrust I got the cockhead in her, and in the second thrust I put my entire length into her. I was really pumping her hard. She yelled out “I’m cccuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmming!” I could feel her orgasm washing over her. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I was dumping large loads of cum into her pussy and onto her cervix. I withdrew and we laid side-by-side, kissing. She started crying. I asked her to tell me why. She told me that she was very happy with me, but was sad because of all the time wasted that we could have been together. I told her we would make it up to each other. I then gave her a little slap on her butt, smiled at her, and said “Well, sexy, let’s go have breakfast and get to work for the day.”

At the end of the day, Didi got called into the manager’s office, so I went back to the hotel and decided to go for a swim at the hotel’s pool. I went back to my room and changed into my swimming suit, and went to the pool. Already at the pool was a family that was 2 doors down from mine. There was the father, mother, the 17 year old son, and the 18 year old daughter. My eyes were glued to the daughter. She was stunning. She had wavy brown hair going down to the middle of her back. Just looking at her, I was getting aroused. The amulet started glowing and sent an invisible beam to the girl. I left the pool area, and she followed right behind me. I went straight to my room, with her right behind me. I invited her into my room, and closed the door behind us. We locked into an embrace kissing. I asked her name, and she told me it is Donna. I quickly stripped Donna out of her bathing suit, and then out of my own. She reached down and grabbed my cock. I began playing with her breasts. Her breasts were small, but I wasn’t complaining. She was becoming excited, and let out a low moan. I moved a hand down to her pussy, and began rubbing on her. I moved my mouth to her free breast, and began sucking on it. She moaned a little louder and guided us to the bed.

She threw me down on the bed and started sucking my cock. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven, because she was such a good cocksucker. I could tell this girl was not a virgin. She got up and positioned my cock at her pussy. She then dropped herself on my cock, impaling her cunt. Even though she wasn’t a virgin her pussy was still very tight. She kept rising and falling on me. With her beauty along with my lust, I exploded into her. She climaxed right after me, and she laid on top me for a few minutes. She got up, put back on her bathing suit, and went back to the pool. After Donna left my room, the amulet began glowing red, and I heard a voice out of nowhere, say, “You have just made Donna become pregnant.” I never saw her again, her family checked out of the hotel the next morning.

Two months later, both Didi and I returned back to our office in Florida. Didi and I got married three weeks later, and we were both happy and enjoyed the sex we shared. I never took off the amulet. I received a promotion that required occasional travel throughout the US. I had many affairs, and after I returned home after each trip, Didi wanted to know all the sexy details about the women I had enjoyed. |

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