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Beauty In A Bar Act 3

February 2nd, 2010

Her finger came away wetly from her pussy, and she pursed her lips to suck it dry. She reached behind her to refasten her bra. I thought it was lost until she straddled my legs. Her hands pushed against my shoulders, letting me know my interference wouldn’t be tolerated. She unstraddled me and began to rub her pelvis against my shirt. She marked me like some animal, spreading her sex scent all over my clothing. Those covered tits taunted me, moving up and down and jiggling with her every motion. Never close enough to my mouth, always out of reach.

She leaned forward to lick the tip of my nose, lowering herself slowly. Her aim was perfect, and I felt those puffed pussy lips against my cock. I wanted so much to just thrust up and fuck her until those teasing white globes bounced free and clear in all their glory. I resisted the urge as soon as it came. I didn’t have to wait long. She dropped herself the rest of the way quickly, impaling herself on my shaft. She had a cunt men dream of – tight, soft and juicy. She grinned at me, and began to flex her pussy muscles. The sensation was amazing, squeezing and releasing me within her.

Her hands released my shoulders, but I knew that it wasn’t a freedom. They moved to cup her breasts, squeezing in time to her pussy flexing. I watched her, dazed by the feelings this gave me. She started to rock back and forth, rubbing my cock against her clit. A long sigh came out of each of our mouths.

The flexing slowed, but I didn’t have time to mourn the loss as she lifted up off of my rod just to the head. Her hands returned to my shoulders to keep her balance, then plunged herself down on me once more deep inside her box. Just as she fully engulfed my cock, she bounced back up. I felt her flushed labia rub every inch of my manhood on the way off, then again on the way back down.

Through the pleasure of her bouncing fuck, I felt her unbuttoning my shirt. Why now? Her nails dragging down my chest served as my answer, matching the light pain of her scratches to the heady pleasure in my groin. Through the haze of my ecstasy I heard little whimpering sounds from deep inside her throat, her chest getting flushed down to the edge of her tenacious bra.

A quivering overtook her body, but she never let up her full-cock fuck. In fact, she rode me all the harder through her body-shaking orgasm. I thought I would never come, with this orgasming body of pure sex not bringing me over the edge. She refused to accept it, though, rocking her hips back and forth as she bounced up and down. Those tits began to come oh-so-close to my face. With a final sigh her orgasm ended, my cock well-oiled and being rammed like a piston.

Her hands moved up my chest to my neck, then up to hold my head between. I could tell she wanted me to come – I’ve never been fucked with such abandon before. It surprised me, too. I’ve never been in the business of unusual staying power. Perhaps she realized that the best fuck in my life wasn’t getting me off, giving me an indulgent smile above those heaving mounds.

Her hands moved away from my chest, and behind her back. I heard the clip snap, and she shrugged her shoulders to let her bra-straps fall down her arms on a particularly rough penetration of her cunt. Arms crossed once more, but not to hide. The smile turned to a grin and she pulled the bra free.

Oh, the glory of those mounds of white, the sexiness of the erect nipples reaching forward from the brown areola, the lust of their bouncing and jiggling in time to our coupling. They filled my sight, and I drank those beautiful tits like a boy thumbing his first Playboy. She cupped them like I wanted my own hands to, pinching and tugging the tips. I felt the pressure build once more, and I knew this was all I needed.

She pushed her hands roughly back against my shoulders, forcing me against the couch as she arched her back sharply. Her heavenly curves thrust upwards, a range made of two snowy mountains. Her fucking reached a fevered pitch, and I knew she was going to come again as the first squirt of jism flooded her vaginal canal. She rode me even harder, if that was possible, moaning as her own climax overtook her.

It didn’t let up until we were both finished, and she gave me a final squeeze of her inner muscles. With a smile, she said, “Thanks.” She lifted herself off of me, with a soft squelching noise. Winking, she picked up her clothing and got dressed, apparently not caring about our mixture of juices between her legs.

She walked toward the door, and I could only watch her with heavy breathing. A business card flicked out and landed on the table next to my door. Without another word, she left my room.

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