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Posts tagged ‘Uniform’

Fucking Tina On Halloween

May 15th, 2008

“Don’t fucking move Tina,” i yelled as i took my position behind here. She said nothing, just slightly nodded as i pulled up the back of her dress. We had just spent 3 hours taking the kids trick or treating, only to have to lock ourselves in the bathroom so i could shoot the wad [...]

The Rookie 4

March 7th, 2008

His head was buried against my neck when I opened my eyes and saw bright blue and brilliant red splashed in strobes across the inside of the police car. I nudged my boyfriend gently, “Did you leave the lights on?” He shook his head, then peeked up to take a look around. Suddenly a bright [...]

The Rookie 3

March 7th, 2008

I lightly tickled the rigid shaft, trailing my fingernails over the sensitive head as he laid a pattern of nibbling bites along my neck. He balanced himself on one arm, his free hand first guiding one of my taut nipples to his mouth, then slipping down to feel my exposed cunt. I had just shaved, [...]

The Rookie 2

March 7th, 2008

I locked up the house and jumped in the front seat next to him, bare feet and all. He talked animatedly as we drove around town, heading vaguely in the direction of the desert mesas a few miles beyond the city limits, his hand idly stroking my leg. I was leaning up against the passenger [...]

The Rookie 1

March 7th, 2008

It was a sticky August night, and truly what I felt like doing was lying in a cool bath and reading a magazine, but my boyfriend had just called, and he wanted to “show me something.” Great. Well, that’s part of being a girlfriend I suppose so I slid into a pair of cutoffs and [...]

Spanked Cheerleader 6

February 28th, 2008

The continuing thrust of his body increased to a fever pitch at which point he drove it harder and deeper within me and I did all I could to hold back my screams and joy……I was COMING and I felt the rush of his liquids explode within me as he continued to thrash his body [...]

The Clown Blowjob 3

February 28th, 2008

God knows how long she had been doing this. I could still hear everyone out back, just a few feet away. The fear of being caught mixed with the swift strokes of her hand and the soft sucking of her mouth made me erupt. Shot after shot of my hot cum shot in to her [...]

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