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did too and parked beside her car.  We got out and walked between the cars.  We embraced and kissed very deeply.  She put her hands on my ass and pulled me into her, grinding her crotch into my cock.  She was wearing a short dress and I grabbed her tight tush. I pulled up the dress and as I grabbed her I found that she wasn’t wearing panties.  I moaned as she humped me and we made out just like kids, rather than the mature adults we actually were.  We probably were there for just 10 minutes and that’s as far as it went.  I asked her if we could meet before the next class at a park close to the school.  I suggested that we tell our spouses that the instructor was taking us on a photo shoot so we could critique the photos in class.

She thought that was a great idea.  And the plans were made.  I spent the next week daydreaming about my new friend.

She called me at work the day of the class and asked me to pick her up since her car was being repaired and to remind me about the field trip.  I picked her up in the minivan and on the way to the park, she asked me direct questions about my marriage and told me some details about hers.  We talked openly like we had known each other all of our lives.

At the park, we found a secluded place to put the van and climbed into back.  There was a good amount of room and we used it.  I undid the buttons on her blouse and the front closure on her bra and exposed her luscious breasts.  She went straight for my belt and got my pants down in a flash.  It was all a blur of kissing, sucking, caressing, fondling until she sensed that I was just about ready to cum.  I was so shocked when she asked if I wanted to cum in her mouth.  I was 42 years old, and had never had a blowjob.  I just moaned as she stroked my engorged cock and she went down on me.  It was so fantastic I thought I would die.  I came and it felt like I was spewing gallons of cum into her mouth.  She sucked my cock dry and swallowed every drop.  I shuddered and shook as the orgasm subsided and then pulled her up so I could hug and hold her.

I held her so tightly, she had to break free and ask me if everything was alright.  I felt like I was going to cry and told her that I had never had oral sex done to me before.  She kissed me softly and said that we would have to remedy that, and that we could make sure that we each got what we needed!

For the remainder of the classes, we car-pooled and enjoyed each other’s company on the way to class AND on the way home.  Twice during the session, we met on a Sunday morning to complete the “assignment” we’d been given.

That was 5 years ago.  We have been having a long-term affair the whole time and are able to meet about 3 times a month.  We are both still married and have no plans to change our situation.   It works for us and keeps us going.

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