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Amy’s Physical Exam 3

August 13th, 2008

It was time for me to go to the bus station. Mom drove me in our old station wagon, let me off at the station (things were safer in those days), and drove off. I was overwhelmed by the aloneness of all of this, and a bit hurt that Mom had not even offered to take me. But I determined to take it all in stride, and got on the bus, showing my ticket, purchased two days earlier, with my own money.

The ride took forever. We must have stopped at every town in the WORLD! Finally, the bus pulled up to the college, and about a half-dozen of us got out. I was the only girl. The rest were boys, planning to try out for various sports. I had stayed to myself, not wanting to tell the boys what was going to happen to me (little did I know!), so I had nobody to talk to the whole way.

I went to the building Nurse Adlequist had designated, and entered. A sign on the door said “Free College Clinic.” The receptionist was a striking brunette, about 21 or so. Her nametag said, “Velva Softitz, RN (Trainee).”

She smiled at me (I thought, “What’s that smile mean?”) in a knowing way, and handed me a clipboard with a couple of sheets of paper on it. The sheets of paper were a medical questionnaire. “You’ll need to fill these out, Amy,” she said. “The doctor has your chart, but we need some additional information for the tests we need to do.”

“TESTS?” I thought. “WHAT tests???!!” I was truly spooked by this revelation, and almost walked back through the door and called Mom. But I did so want to go to that college. As if sensing my discomfort, the receptionist said, “They’re routine. Not to worry.” I sat down and began to fill in the blanks. I must have written for about 15 minutes. I had just finished when the receptionist entered the room and called my name – a formality, because I was the only person in the waiting room.

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