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Bill Is A Hypnotist

February 19th, 2010

“You’ve got to come,” said Colleen.

“I’ll talk to Joe,” I responded, wanting to say yes. Colleen was staying in the next cabin over; Joe and I had rented a lake-side cabin for a week and Colleen had introduced herself right away. It was the morning of our first full day and Colleen and I were sitting on the dock that our cabins shared while Joe was out in our boat.

There were four cabins close by and Colleen told me the four couples always go together several times during their annual two-week stay. She said the couple who had rented Joe’s and my cabin for the last couple of years apparently couldn’t manage it this year.

I felt lucky: Colleen and Don were really nice and though I hadn’t talked to the other couples, I had to believe friends of Colleen’s were going to be pleasant company. Joe and I certainly haven’t expected to step into a social scene, but I was sure we’d enjoy it.

One of the other two couples, who Colleen introduced as Bill and Linda were there when we arrived. Both were a little older than the rest of us, though Bill, who was tall, looked like he was in better shape than the younger guys. Colleen pushed wine in our hands and we sat down. Linda didn’t seem to be much of a talker, but I did my best to converse with her. The last couple, Jeannie and Greg arrived soon after. They appeared to be Joe’s and my age and were all smiles.

I talked to Greg and Jeannie after we got our supper: the two of them seemed to stick together. I found out he was a doctor and she was a nurse. Joe was talking to Don and Bill and seemed to be engrossed in the subject of boats. Supper was over and Colleen called for everyone’s attention. She said it was time for the evening’s games. I wondered about Trivial Pursuit and figured something like that wouldn’t be too bad. Colleen didn’t mention anything though.

“What do you guys play?” I asked Jeannie.

She giggled briefly. “Well, I’ll bet were going to do hypnotism.”


“Yes, Bill is a hypnotist; it’s hysterical!”

This was a new one on me: I’d never met a hypnotist socially before or seen anyone do that at parties. I heard someone say “Nw couple should go first,” but Colleen vetoed that idea and volunteered herself and Don. I just watched, intrigued if a little nervous at the idea that they might be expecting me to allow myself to be hypnotized. Colleen and Don sat on the couch next to each other and Bill knelt in front of Colleen, talking to her quietly. “What does he make you do?” I asked Jeannie. “Oh, just silly things,” said Jeannie. “Like what?” Colleen was asleep! She was slouching in couch and her head as slumped back and Bill was talking to Don.

“Just watch,” said Jeannie and she giggled. Soon Don was out too and Bill had them both stand in the center of the room. Then he told them when they awoke, that they’d act normally, but if anyone clapped their hands, they’d immediately give each other a short kiss! He demonstrated the sound of a clap a few times as he instructed them. He awakened them, and Colleen was immediately asking people if they needed more to drink. Yes, I thought about clapping. Finally, Bill did. They did it! They both broke off and immediately found each other and kissed each other for just a second! Then Colleen went back and continued as if nothing had happened! “Nothing for me, I’m fine,” said Greg as she came over, and he clapped. They did it again. Jeannie looked at me, revealing her amusement. I couldn’t help it it was funny. I grinned despite myself. That went on for another ten minutes or so, and then Bill put them under again and then removed the suggestion. We gave them a hand when they came awake, and they didn’t show any signs of suddenly needing to kiss. Colleen smiled at me and I could see she was a good sport about it.

“You should be next,” said Jeannie, next to me. “New couple’s next,” she announced to the whole room. “That seems fair,” chimed in Colleen, “over the couch, you two.” I’d never been hypnotized before, and was definitely nervous about it. But I did wonder what it would be like. Joe seemed to look to me for guidance. I shrugged at him and he shrugged back. I figured they’d get their chance to laugh at us but where was the harm? And we didn’t want to look too suck up when we were just starting our week. Bill started talking to me as I sat on the couch. Joe was next to me, watching me. I was sitting on the couch, talking to Jeannie. Suddenly I realized I wasn’t wearing any pants! I looked down at myself. I was completely exposed, t for some reason, I didn’t cover up “Jeannie, I’m not wearing any pants!” I said quietly but feeling shaken. “Oh, don’t worry about it,” she said. She didn’t seem concerned. I was wearing just a tee-shirt and I’d been in a dress earlier. I couldn’t figure it out why was I like this? Joe wasn’t wearing pants either. Just a tee-shirt. He was still just talking to Don, Bill, and Colleen. I felt like I needed to tell Joe and to go get something to wear. But I didn’t like the idea of standing up and walking across the room like that.

“Jeannie, I need to put something on!” I said.

“Don’t worry, we don’t mind,” she replied, cheerfully. I looked down at myself. Just sitting there for everyone to see. “You look fine,” she said, and went back into talking about something else. “Could you get me something to put on,” I asked her quietly when I had a chance to talk. “I said, don’t worry about it,” she replied. “No one minds, do they Greg? “Not a bit.” “But, everyone will see me,” I went on. She ignored my complaint and just went on. Joe sidled over and sat down next to me. He whispered to me: “We don’t have any pants on!” “I know,” I whispered back. “What are we going to do?” It all was so strange. “We’ve got to get something to put on,” he replied. “Oh, don’t worry about being like that,” repeated Jeannie, to Joe this time. “It’s OK, isn’t it Greg?” “Sure!”

“Greg’s a Doctor and I’m a nurse, and besides, everyone has seen penises before.” I glanced at Joe and he glanced back. This wasn’t right. I didn’t see how they could just sit there, and talk about it. “Greg sees lots of penises,” she went on, “do you want to check Joe’s?” she asked, turning to Greg. Greg didn’t reply and she went on again, “Stand up and let Greg look at it.” Joe looked nervous, but stood. Greg pulled his chair closer. He took Joe’s penis in his hand! He lifted it up and looked at the underside, and then fingered Joe’s testicles, lifting them and letting them drop. Then he sort of folded Joe’s penis to the right and to the left and then held it straight out.

“Do you have any trouble with erections?” he asked, not looking up. “No,” answered Joe. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I glanced around all eyes were on Greg and Joe. He bent over, inspecting it closely, top, bottom, and sides. “Do you masturbate?” “No,” said Joe. He looked at the head and ran his finger around it and over it. He then bent it up again, looking at the underside and feeling Joe’s testicles again. For a minute, he didn’t talk, just continuing to handle Joe’s penis. “Truthfully,” Greg finally said.

“Well, not much,” Joe admitted. Then Greg wrapped his fingers around it a d rubbed back and fourth a couple of times. “Does Gina take it in her mouth?” he went on. I gulped when he said that. “Uh, once in a while.” I felt embarrassed that they were talking about this in front of me. “Do you have good sensation?” He had grabbed it in one hand and was touching the underside of the head with his finger while he asked this. “What?” “When it’s touched you have no trouble sensing when it is stimulated?” “No.”

“Let’s see you stimulate it a little.” Joe looked terribly embarrassed. G eg let go and backed up a little. “Go ahead,” he repeated. Finally, Joe took it in his hand, wrapping his fingers around it and started moving his hand back and forth. “OK, let go,” said Greg. It was a bit hard, sticking out at an angle. “Did you ever let a man touch it?” “No!” came Joe’s quick response. “Well, your doctor touches it, doesn’t he?” “Well, yes, you know what I mean.” “Just what do you mean by that, Joe?” he asked again, taking it in his ha d again! I just stared.

“Not sexually or anything!” Greg had it in one hand and was lightly running the fingers of his other hand over the head. “Did you ever get stimulated when a doctor touched it?” “No!” It was getting larger while Greg was touching it! How about when you had a prostate exam?”

“No!” Greg let go and stood up and Joe was sticking straight out! Greg we t over and opened a black bag a doctor bag that I hadn’t seen before and he pulled out a rubber glove an some lubricant. Everyone just watched him. He put on the glove and put lubricant over his finger and to k some to behind Joe! Joe just stood there. “Gina, stand in front of Joe with your back to him,” said Greg. I stood u . I felt so embarrassed, everyone looking at me. I got in front of Joe and did as Greg asked. “Reach behind and old his penis and press it down.” I did it. “Back into him and press your rear against the top of his penis. Don t take your hand off it.”

I stood there. I felt Joe’s body move I knew Greg had inserted his finger or fingers in Joe’s rear. I could feel by Joe’s movement against me that Greg was doing it.

“Gina, is Joe still hard?” asked Greg. “Yes,” I answered, obediently. I thought I heard a snicker from someone i the room. I wanted badly for this to be over with. I still felt Joe’s body moving. “Is he getting harder?” asked Greg. “I . . . I don’t know,” I answered. If he was, it wasn’t by much. Jeannie approached me and briefly put her finger right on my vagina. “She’s getting wet, though,” she volunteered. I felt I would just die rig t there.

“OK, get her ready for her exam,” said Greg. Jeannie pulled me by the arm and I followed her. I sneaked a look back. Greg was standing free of Joe and was taking off his glove. Jeannie led me to the kitchen table and told me to lean over it, so my rear was hanging off the edge. Behind me I hear Greg tell Joe to remain standing, and slowly “stroke” himself to keep himself hard. Looking back at hi , I watched him do it while Bill approached him and talked to him quietly.

Don came up behind me as I leaned there. He unzipped his pants and took out his penis, his cock. “Don’t look,” said Jeannie, “look forward.”

I felt the cock being positioned. Then it pushed in all the way and in seconds, Don was doing me wildly. Jeannie crouched down in front of me and looked at me. “Enjoy these exams?” sh asked. I was breathing too hard to answer. Don finished and withdrew, then I felt a cock again. I knew it must be one of the other guys. Jeannie smiled at me. I glanced a little to the side: Linda was standing there dressed in only t-shirt. She just stood there, looking straight in front of her, her hands on top of her head. Colleen was be ind her I could see that she was touching Linda’s rear but I couldn’t see what she was doing. I felt yet another cock enter me. I wanted to know what Colleen was doing. I looked back in front of me to see Jeannie preparing three hypodermics from the doctor’s bag.

It was morning and Joe and I were making breakfast in our kitchen for all of them. They’d gone out in the boats. We were still both dressed just in tee- shirts. We just kept working, not saying anything. Colleen came in the door with the Landlady. The door had just been standi g open. “Nice,” said the Landlady, giving Joe’s rear a little smack. I’d only seen her once, when we checked in, though I’d talked with her on the phone a couple of times earlier. She ran her hand over Joe’s cheeks and between. “Did he enjoy losing his . . . virginity?” she asked.

Colleen seemed to be hiding a smile. I felt like I was about to come, just looking at them. “Send them over for a while after they clean up here,” continued the Landlady.

“Her too?” asked Colleen.

“I’ve got some ironing to do,” answered the Landlady.

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