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I’m A Lesbian 11

March 31st, 2008

I hadn’t. Not with my pussy threatening to drip onto my shoes, at least. We got to her floor, and she led me to her apartment. At first, I couldn’t point to any specific changes. The living room looked the same. Maybe the kitchen? No, that was the same, olive oil bottles and everything.

I asked about the remodeling, and she innocently replied…”Oh, all of the remodeling was in the bedroom, sweetie.” I’ve got rather pale skin, but I’m sure I turned even whiter when she said this. I didn’t even ask, I just let her lead me into the bedroom…and was presented with a sight that made my heart leap into my throat. This was no longer a bedroom. This was, however soft and plush, nothing less than a sex dungeon. The king size bed was still present, still centered to take full advantage of the breathtaking view of downtown Chicago. But the sheets were now black satin, and the pillows dark red chenille, apparently inspired by my suggestions a few weeks earlier.

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