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He didn’t seem too upset about the experience, however, and was quite interested about what was going on around him. He asked me what I was there for, and flinched when I told him.

The enema nurses proceeded to connect the IV tubing to me again. I again asked what it was for, and was told the same thing as I had been the previous time. I objected – told them I did NOT want to be drugged, but wanted to be able to be cooperative and aware of what was going on. They suggested I talk to the enema doctor about it.

My gurney was wheeled into the Same Day Surgery unit, and the doctor appeared. I expressed my concern about medication, and he wanted to know why I didn’t want it. I told him I was unhappy about having been drugged on the previous occasion; that I wanted to be aware after the fact of what had happened, and, “well, I just donÍt want it.”

He smiled, and said, “Well, we’ll hold down on it.”

The gurney was wheeled between an elaborate cabinet which I would love to have examined more closely, and a rack with electronic enema equipment on it, including a video display tube about five feet from the floor. Projecting from the cabinet was a black tubular appliance, about 2 or 3 inches across where it attached, and with one or two clear plastic tubes connected to it. It tapered quickly to about five-eighths of an inch, and the rest of it was coiled up on top of the cabinet.

Before I was able to grasp any more of the situation, I was told to turn over on my left side, and to pull my legs up somewhat, leaving my butt at about right-angles. From this position, I could see a cabinet on the other side of the room, with a mate to the appliance behind me, not attached to anything, and stretched out to its full length. It looked to be about six feet long.

The lights dimmed, and the video display lit up dimly. The gurney was “jacked up” about four or five inches, to get me to a more convenient height. I heard the enema doctor say, “Give him 50.” I felt the effects of the Demerol immediately, and just as immediately asked them to hold back on it – which they did.

I was in a marvelous position to watch the video – they had been considerate enough to let me keep my glasses on – and as I watched it suddenly went from a vague brown color to a red blur. At the same time, I felt the scope tube press gently on my anus. I relaxed to let it in.

The red blur continued for a moment, and suddenly materialized into a clear image as I felt air come into my rectum. For a moment, I continued to relax my sphincters, and then realized that I was farting cheerfully, which was probably not polite, to say the least! I tightened up.

The movement of the enema tube in my anus was delicious. It was cool, but not cold, and was probably covered with some sort of Teflon finish, which made lubrication unnecessary.

On the screen, I could see with brilliant clarity the pinkish-white tissues of my rectum as the enema tube went in. I suspect that there was some mechanism to deflect the end of the scope, so that it didn’t run into corners – at least, I rarely saw anything that I would have identified as the sigmoid flexure, or the sharp corner where the descending colon suddenly becomes the transverse colon. But the picture was astonishingly clear, and it was fascinating to watch as the colon expanded ahead of the scope, responding to the air injection which I could hear and feel being so deftly administered.

Periodically, the progress would stop, as though the doctor wanted to look more closely at something. But the light movement of the tube where it entered my anus kept up, driving me nearly into ecstasy. And the images on the screen continued to intrigue me.

Throughout, the doctor and enema nurses (there were two, I think) kept up a line of inane chit-chat, which had nothing to do with the situation at hand. I would have liked to have had the doctor give me a sort of travelogue – “thatÍs the sigmoid flexure; we’re now entering the transverse colon,” etc., but I was left to my own imagination and what I knew about the anatomy I was looking at.

After some time had passed, the doctor said, “We can give you more medication if you want it.”

I immediately shot back, “Oh, no, please don’t!”

He responded, “You’re a brave man!” I am still wondering if my long experience with enemas, enema equipment, colon tubes, and the like (of which the doctor had no knowledge), had conditioned me to the point where something which would make an ordinary person very uncomfortable didnÍt bother me at all. But yes, I could feel the movement up through my body, and yes, I could also feel the air expanding my gut – but both sensations were entirely pleasant to me.

At one point, I did feel a strong sudden pressure upward against my diaphragm, although I couldnÍt see anything on the screen nor feel anything at my anus to explain it. The only thing I can surmise is that a bend of the scope was pressing there. Now I know how a pregnant woman must feel when her baby kicks! I was so fascinated that I forgot to breathe, and I guess it must have shown on the monitors they had connected to me. One of the nurses asked me to breathe deeply. At first, I thought she was expecting me to use my diaphragm to massage the bowel – something that any enemaphile is used to doing – but then I realized that her concern was regarding a lack of oxygen, and started breathing normally.

The doctor asked me to turn on my back. I did, reflexively letting my legs fall, as I remained transfixed with the image on the screen. This brought laughter, and instructions to “lift your legs back up,” which, of course, I did immediately. After a few minutes, he asked me to turn back on my side, and one of the nurses came around in front of me to press on my abdomen, just below the sternum. After a while, she pressed on the left side, where the descending colon would be. I assumed these to be maneuvers to keep the appropriate portion of the plumbing collapsed to guide the tube of the enema scope better.

All the while, we were regaled by one of the enema nurses discussing her time-share on Cape Cod!

At this point, I began to see little pockets of fluid collecting in the recesses of my colon on screen. Quickly, there came the sound of suction as they were drained by an intake just out of sight behind the lens of the scope. I muttered something about not having completely drained myself. The doctor said that was perfectly okay, he could take care of it.

After I saw the end of the colon – sort of a blind alley – the tube suddenly started retreating rather rapidly. I was a little disappointed that I had not been able to identify the pylorus. I could see the colon collapsing as the air pressure dropped off. When the tube had come almost all the way out – I could feel it in my rectum – it stopped for a moment, to give us a good view of something large and bluish-purple on the wall of the rectum. Then the tube slipped out completely I looked at my watch – the whole thing had taken just exactly half an hour.

The gurney was lowered to its original height, and I was told to lie on my back as I was wheeled out of the surgery. Back in the recovery room – which no longer had any other patients in it – the nurse started taking my vital signs, and seemed quite surprised that I was doing so well. When the doctor came in a few minutes later, I asked him if my significant other could join us while the doctor gave me his evaluation.

When the two came back a few minutes later, my SO was definitely white in the face. I realized later that he was convinced that the doctor had bad news!

Nevertheless, all he could find fault with was the hemorrhoid that we had seen just inside the rectum; he said he would recommend a suppository that my primary doctor could prescribe, to shrink the thing.

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For some years now, I have experienced bleeding during bowel movements. It is less likely to occur when I have had an enema, probably because there is less effort involved in evacuating.

My doctor has attributed it to hemorrhoids, which is quite likely given my genetic makeup. But recently it became more severe, and the doctor’s digital test showed internal bleeding also. So, she prescribed a colonoscopy.

A year ago, I had undergone an endoscopy to determine the cause of severe heartburn. That turned out to be a hiatus hernia (I knew that was likely, but the doctor wanted to be sure).

In that experience, I was prepared with a venous drip, which the nurse assured me was only dextrose, but which would make way for other drugs when I needed them. I asked what drugs they had in mind, and was told that there would be drugs to relax my throat muscles, and also to erase memory of the experience afterwards. It was therefore no terrible surprise to me to find myself in the same room where I had started, sort of half wondering why they had brought me back there without having done anything in the room into which I had been wheeled earlier. Suspicions were confirmed when the physician joined me and my significant other and informed me that the problem was, indeed, an inflamed hiatus hernia, which he would prescribe medication for (it didn’t work).

This time, I was given instructions for the days previous to the procedure. No iron supplements for three days before it; on D-day minus one, I was to eat breakfast, but then no solid food until after the procedure.

At noon of D-day minus one, I was to start drinking something called NuLytely, which was supplied in a four-liter container as a powdered mixture. The instructions said to mix it to the full four liters with lukewarm water, but to chill before using for palatability. It was then to be drunk at the rate of one 8-ounce (240 ml) glass every 10 minutes until all gone.

Having been exposed to something called an Evacu-kit some years ago, I wasnÍt looking forward to this stuff. But it turned out to be only slightly salty in taste, and not difficult to take.

By the time I was through with it, some two hours later, I had the feeling that I had just taken an oral enema. I was passing fluid at a great rate – but without discomfort.

That evening, after the fluid flow had stopped, I took a four-quart enema, which felt real good. The following morning, I took another – this one was specified in the instructions. My SO took me to the hospital – the instructions said that I would definitely NOT be able to drive home after the procedure. We arrived an hour before the appointment time (the instructions had said 45 minutes), and I was ushered into a “recovery” room to prepare.

Because this section of the hospital was being renovated, space was scarce, and I discovered one other man in the room with me. After I had undressed and put on the hospital gown, another man, fully clothed from the waist down, was wheeled in. He had apparently just had an endoscopy – the nurses were chuckling about the fact that 100 (milligrams?) of Demerol had not fazed the young man, and he was still wide awake. The nurse said that much would have put her out for a week.

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Adoptive Mom Gives Enema 2

March 1st, 2010

With a practiced motion, Corbet was pulled over his motherÍs knee with his bottom high in the air and his young manhood wedged between her thighs. He sniffed again as he heard her snap on a pair of latex gloves and he heard the distinctive sound of the jar of Vaseline being opened and then set down on the countertop. He groaned slightly as he felt his mother pry open the cheeks of his ass and then experienced the coolness of a Vaseline coated finger just touch the entrance to his anus. With a quick thrust, the lubricated finger pushed up his behind and twisted back and forth several times before withdrawing.

Corbet began to softly sob as he felt the tip of the douche nozzle touch his lubricated hole. He wiggled a bit as the plastic tube was inserted deep into his bottom. CorbetÍs mother then said, “I hope this teaches you a good lesson young man,” as a loud CLICK signaled the start of the water flow. CorbetÍs mother kept one hand on his bottom holding his cheeks together and the nozzle deep up his bottom. The water and soap rocketed up his backside and burned as it went in. Corbet began to squirm on his mother s lap and through the soapy washcloth that filled his mouth came strange unintelligible noises of distress. The cramps started soon as the warmth of the soapy water invaded deeper into his colon. The pressure of the water flow added to his distress and soon Corbet lifted his legs off the floor and trembling, held them straight out.

When the bag was half-empty, a series of sharp cramps filled his abdomen and sounds of him sobbing worked their way past the soapy washcloth that filled his mouth. Twisting and turning on his mothers lap, CorbetÍs legs began to slowly kick in the air as if he was trying to run away from the soapy invasion that filled his bowels. After what seemed to be a lifetime, Corbet heard the salvation of the bag gurgling dry as the last drops of the two-quarts of solution filled his backside. With a CLICK his mother shut the clamp on the hose and with a sharp jerk, she removed the douche nozzle from his burning anus.

With a sharp slap on his ass that left a distinctive red hand print, CorbetÍs mother said, “Stand-up!” and Corbet struggled to his feet. Standing before his mother who was still seated on the toilet lid, CorbetÍs abdomen was clearly distended. His bowels growled in retaliation to the soapy invasion and his youthful manhood stood half erect. “I think 10 minutes will be sufficient for you young man,” said his mother as Corbet could only groan past the horrible soapy cloth that filled his cheeks. He began to sob and moan louder as he watched his mother set the kitchen timer to 10 minutes and set the clock down onto the countertop.

The pressure quickly grew in CorbetÍs belly and soon he was doing a little silly dance as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other and then back again. The cramps came in waves and when they hit Corbet grimaced and bent over slightly while rubbing his stomach in an attempt to soothe his innards. He clenched his butt cheeks together as tight as he could as his body trembled while he struggled to retain the solution. Every tick of the timer echoed through his brain as he fought to retain the enema and struggled to keep from retching up the soapy washcloth that filled his mouth with foul flavor.

At last, the bell on the timer rang, but it seemed that it also signaled a wave of very bad cramps that doubled Corbet over and caused his ass to tremble as he clenched his cheeks as tight as he could to retain the fluid. As his mother stood up, Corbet moved into position to sit on the toilet, but he was quickly rebuked. Corbet cried with big sobs as he watched his mother go to the bathroom cupboard and take out the porcelain bed pan and set it on the floor in front of the commode. Bad boys don t deserve to be comfortable, said his mother as Corbet sat down on the pan.

Corbet’s mother pulled the washcloth from his mouth as he made a horrible face in reaction to the foul taste that filled his mouth. CorbetÍs bowels growled and groaned, but CorbetÍs embarrassment of sitting on the bed pan in full view of his mother seemed to prevent him from gaining relief from the invading waters. He sobbed and watched his mother clean the enema bag and put things away as the cramps continued to rack his midsection. Finally, as CorbetÍs mother left the bathroom and closed the door, his backside erupted and the foul liquid flowed from his bowels.

Ten minutes later, Corbet’s mother re-entered the bathroom and handed the youth a roll of toilet paper and told him to clean-up and head for bed. Before she left the room, she filled a bathroom glass half full of warm water and walked out into the bedroom. Corbet cleaned himself off, emptied the bedpan and cleaned it before replacing it back into the cabinet. He then rinsed his mouth with the half glass of warm water, which only seemed to refresh the taste of the soap.

Corbet walked out into the bedroom and was handed his underwear by his mother. As he put his shorts on, the cramps from his bowels stilled caused him considerable discomfort. Picking up the rest of his clothes, he heard his mother say, “I hope this has taught you a lesson,” to which he replied, “Yes Mother!” Corbet went to bed and finally fell to sleep as occasional cramps swept through his stomach. He tried to eat a piece of candy in his room, but it didnÍt begin to mask the taste of soap that lingered in his cheeks.

The next morning at breakfast, Corbet still could taste Ivory soap in his mouth as he ate his corn flakes. As he put his coat on to go to school, his mother gave him a big hug and told him how sorry she was that she had to punish him, but that it would make him a better person. Corbet again thanked his mother as he walked out the door knowing that she was right.

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Adoptive Mom Gives Enema 1

March 1st, 2010

Corbet knew he was wrong and deserved to be punished, but that didnÍt make it any easier. He sat, for what seemed like hours, in his parents master bedroom awaiting his fate. The rules were well known to him, but just this once, he though they could be bent a little bit. But to his parents, coming home two hours after curfew would not be tolerated under any circumstances. They had adopted him when he was 16, but now at 18 he had developed a bit of a rebellious streak.

Finally, he could hear his mother s footsteps in the hallway approaching the door. CorbetÍs heart began to race as the door swung open and his mother walked in the room. “Let’s not dilly dally young man, you know what to do,” she said.

“Yes mother,” was his only meek reply. As his mother disappeared into the bathroom, Corbet began to remove his clothing stripping on down to his underwear. He listened intently and with some trepidation as he heard the sounds of his mother preparing things for his punishment in the bathroom. As the sound of the cabinet door closing crept out into the bedroom, Corbet heard his motherÍs voice, “Corbet, I am ready for you now!” With a lump in his throat, Corbet entered the bathroom.

CorbetÍs stomach began to flutter when he saw the all too common instruments of his punishment. On the counter of the sink sat the red rubber two-quart enema bag and tubing. A large white douche nozzle was placed next to a small jar of Vaseline along with several latex examination gloves. More ominous was the large pitcher and new bar of Ivory soap. Corbet felt a hard tug on his arm as his mother positioned him facing the bathroom sink standing next to the toilet. Tears began to creep into his eyes as he watched his mother remove the wrapper from the bar of soap and place it in the pitcher. She then ran the hot water for several minutes, which seemed like hours to Corbet, before filling the container letting the water splash directly on the white floating bar.

CorbetÍs mother set the pitcher down on the counter top and opened the small bathroom cabinet to remove a roll of toilet paper, which she set on the back of the commode. Corbet couldnÍt look away from the pitcher as wispy trails of soapsuds floated off the bar of Ivory and drifted through the hot water. His mother swirled the soap in the pitcher with her finger until the water took on milky white color. She sighed as she removed the bar of soap and set it on the counter. It s surface was all bubbly and after sitting in the hot water for several minutes it was clearly apparent that it softened considerably.

Corbet sniffed as tears began to flow from the corners of his eyes as he watched his mother pour the contents of the pitcher into the red rubber enema bag. As bubbles flowed out of the top of the bag and dribbled down the sides of bulging bag, she put the empty pitcher down and screwed in the white cap, which was connected to the several feet of rubber tubing. His mother checked to see that the clamp on the tubing was closed as she turned and hung the enema bag from the shower curtain rod. Corbet sniffled again as he saw her take the large douche nozzle and slid it into the tubing, which now dangled from the bag like a snake.

Turning to Corbet, his mother said, “Now I think we are about ready young man. Come here!” Corbet took a few steps towards the sink as he watched his mother pick up a washcloth and wet it under hot running water. Tears flowed down his face as he watched her pick up the slippery bar of soap and rubbed it all over the wet washcloth, until a good lather was created. He watched his mother fold the cloth over several times before she turned to him and said, “Now open up!” Corbet began to plead for mercy as his mother grabbed the hair on the back of his head and forced the soapy washcloth into his mouth. “Mmmmpffhs,” was all that Corbet could say as the horrible taste of the soap overwhelmed his tastebuds and tears rolled down his expanded cheeks.

CorbetÍs mother put the lid down on the toilet and sat down. Reaching over she grabbed CorbetÍs hand and pulled him directly in front of her. This was the part that really embarrassed Corbet. Reaching her fingers into the waistband of his shorts, his mother pulled his underwear down to his ankles, leaving him naked before her. Corbet’s face flushed red as he fought off the urge to gag from the horrible soapy taste in his mouth.

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Fucking Tammy The Asian

February 25th, 2010

Even as Teresa pulled the car up to the house my instincts were screaming that something was wrong. A gentle mental scan located the trouble, two unmarked vans sat parked on the road, both contained federal agents. For a second I thought of just moving on, but realised that this would just push the feds into doing something else.

“Okay you two, enjoy your shopping.” I said cheerfully as I opened the door. Thankfully I have very intelligent slaves as both immediately caught on to the sudden change of plans. “I’ll call you on the mobile when I’m done.”

Both girls nodded and wished me luck, then drove off. I casually walked up the drive, trying to shake the feeling that I was being watched, because I already knew that I was.

A rather nervous Asian woman answered the door. She was tall and slim, and was obvious fishing for men because her dress left little to the imagination. She looked much like the airline stewardesses Air Singapore would have us believe work for them.

I smiled at her. “Tammy Yuii?”

“Yes, yes I am.” She spoke with little detectable accent.

“I’m Jonathan Reel, we talked on the phone.”

“Of course, come in, come in.”

We settled on the lounge, where I thought through my options. I decided to take a somewhat direct approach. I reached into my jacket and pulled a contract out. Holding it in my hands.

“Before we go on Miss Yui, there are some questions I have to ask in order to protect myself, they’re all covered in this contract, but I simply wish to gain confirmation before spending more of our time. Is that okay?”

“As you wish, and call me Tammy, please.”

I pulled two small tape recorders from another pocket, starting them both. “Do you mind if I record this? You may keep a copy, please answer vocally.”

“Yes,” she said, though she didn’t sound sure.

“You full name is Tammy Yui and you are nineteen years of age.” She agreed. “Tammy, tell me the purpose of this interview.”

She looked at me surprised. “Your here to interview me for a position as …” she faltered,, but when I didn’t respond she continue. “… as your slave.”

“Could you define slave for me please.”

She sighed. “I must do anything you say or you can punish me.”

“You sent an application to me some four or five months ago in response to an advertisement I had placed, at this time was there anything to suggest that you would be getting any rewards for applying.”


I nodded, and looked down at the contract in my hands.. “Miss Yui, are you employed by a government or law enforcemnt agency in any capacity?”

Tammy recoiled from the question, but I pretended not to notice. “Y-yes.” Fear coated her words.

“Are you currently, or have any reason to believe that you will in the future, be part of an investigation into my actions, either business or personal, performed by any government or law enforcement agency?”

Tammy was silent for a time, so I added. “If you answer untruthfully you will invalidate any evidence you collect and face charges of entrapment.”

Tammy answered quietly. “Yes.”

I looked at her. “Thank you Miss Yui.” I passed her the contract. “I want you to think about your reasons and, if you still wish to become my slave, call me, you have the number.” I stood and turned towards the door.

“You still want me?”

“Of course, you are a beautiful lady, and I have nothing to hide. Make sure that the choice is yours though, notyour boss’. May I use your phone to call a taxi.” I had given up on calling Teresa and Diane.

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Wife Gets First Black Cock

February 23rd, 2010

Our only experience swinging was in Jamaica. I found how enticing Terry can be to other men, and how excited I got watching her fucking. She truly enjoyed sex and got off on all the attention. We decided to find some playmates upon our return. It took a few months and sifting through email from a few web sites, but I finally found a reasonable single male. Martin appreciated her photos, seemed well spoken and had the added benefit of being a well-built black man who was quite well endowed. Thick and a good 9 – 10 inches. Significantly bigger than Terry was used to with me. We scheduled a date at a very nice hotel downtown. Terry only fucks other men for me in 4 star hotels. Go figure…

She was as nervous as I had ever seen, and slightly bitchy during the day. Normally I might have withdrawn a bit but not this day. We spent the day shopping to pass the time, a few clothes and a household item. I was floored when she suggested a new video camera. An impulse buy which gave me an instant erection thinking about the upcoming evening. After a brief dinner, we returned to the hotel to get ready. She took a leisurely bath and allowed me to “practice” with the new camera while she fingered herself in the tub. I then had the distinct pleasure of trimming her pussy to my desire with her spread eagle on the bed. I had picked out a tight red velvet textured outfit – a short skirt without panties and a top which tied in the front. Dressed to kill, and looking both sexy and slutty. A glass of wine to calm the nerves and off we go.

We sat in the lobby for a few minutes, waiting for Martin to arrive. We had actually not seen pictures above the neck, so we scrutinized every black man walking into the lobby. Finally, a tall gentleman made his way toward us and introduced himself. Bingo. As soon as he sat down next to Terry on the couch, I saw her nervousness melt away. She was immediately comfortable and it was obvious they both found each other attractive. Another glass of wine, and we headed off to find a bar to relax and get acquainted. I drove my SUV, while Terry and Martin rode in the back.

We found a cigar bar which was surprisingly empty, and made our way to a dark area in the back. We claimed a couch and sat Terry in the middle with Martin and I on either side. Perfect. Martin talked a bit about his previous experiences swinging, and we relayed our relatively modest experiences in Jamaica. Slowly the place filled up, and we were surrounded by other couples and groups. A young woman in a skin tight cat suit straddled the lap of an older gentleman directly in front of us. We watched as he rubbed her crotch through the cat suit. I wondered how Terry was feeling, and slipped my had under her thigh to find out. My fingers found her pussy wet. Martin and I switched places so he could do the same. She kept her legs crossed the same way to give him access to her pussy. Now the other couples were watching us. Terry leaned back and closed her eyes for a minute, enjoying the finger fucking she was getting from our new friend in front of strangers. She then announced that we had to leave, so I quickly paid the tab and off we went. I went to the parking lot to find my SUV, leaving Terry and Martin leaning on a car. She had spread her legs so he could continue to finger her, with a patio bar across the street. They finally joined me in the SUV, again in the back seat. He continued to finger her pussy while she unzipped his pants and began sucking him all the way back to the hotel. Through the rearview mirror, I could see her struggling to get his wide cock in her mouth. She managed admirably, but had her jaw and mouth as wide as possible.

Once back in the hotel room, Terry excused herself to the bathroom to change. I already had the video camera set up, and my digital still camera was also waiting. SHOWTIME. Terry strutted out in a white half cup bra, perky nipples exposed, a white garter belt with a white lace thigh high hose and a patch of fabric barely concealing her wet pussy. She laid down on her back with her right leg to the side. Martin wasted no time in pulling her panties out of the way to continue finger fucking her. A couple tugs on the side strings and there was Terry, legs spread with a black man she’d met hours before fingering her to frenzy. I manned the video camera but quickly became entranced. I had rarely seen her pussy lips so swollen. She was writhing her hips as he tickled her clit. With the video on autopilot, I grabbed the still camera and began watching my fantasy unfold.

Terry spread her legs apart further as Martin continued. He shifted up to his knees and lifted her legs back as he began gently entering her swollen pussy. I took several pictures of the two of them in this position, some from the side to catch both of them, a close up of her face in ecstasy, and several from behind them with an incredible view of this thick, long black dick spreading her pink engorged pussy lips. The contrast of his black cock and balls against her white skin was startling. Martin also possessed tremendous will power and had not yet cum despite a good 20 minutes of pounding her pussy and a few rather obvious orgasms from Terry. I could not sit behind my camera any longer.

Stripping off my underwear and shirt, I quickly joined them in bed. Martin was still fucking her, so I caressed her gorgeous breasts and deeply kissed her. She was a woman on fire as she tongued me as deeply as ever. I slid up to her head and placed my cock in her face. She turned her head, opened her mouth, and began sucking my cock like it was the last she’d ever get. Must have been too much for Martin who developed quicker breaths and more rapid thrusts deep into her pussy. Within a few moments, he was shooting his cum inside her. After less than a minute, she pushed him away and pulled me on top. I had never experienced her cunt so loose and sloppy. Gushing sounds punctuated my every thrust and we already had a huge wet spot of pussy juice and cum. The thought (and feeling) of fucking my wife for sloppy seconds was overwhelming, and I quickly spent my load inside her too. Probably one of the most intense orgasms of my entire life. I collapsed to the side, and after a few minutes we began a little more small talk.

Regaining partial strength in my legs, I wobbled to the video camera. We had just finished recording on a 60 minute tape! I rewound the tape and began watching the action all over again. The volume was turned up, so we could all hear Terry moaning (again) from the fucking Martin was giving her. Not more than 10 minutes elapsed before Martin was up and ready to go again. Terry didn’t need much convincing either. A little more nipple and clit teasing brought out the heavy breathing. Her legs spread revealing the still wet pussy. This time I laid beside her as he fucked her again. I even held her leg up to spread her a bit more and let him thrust more deeply. I tried kissing her but she was obviously concentrating on the large black cock stuffing her pussy. She must have cum a couple more times before Martin dumped the third load of the evening into her well fucked pussy.

By now it was nearly 3 AM. Martin dressed and left, with promises from all to repeat the evening soon. I readied myself for sleep, but Terry had other ideas. She took my semi-erect dick and lovingly sucked and stroked it to attention. Bringing a pillow under her hips, she lay face down on the bed and once again presented her pussy to me. We fucked again until we both came, then collapsed beside each other into an oblivious sleep. Next morning, well actually 4+ hours later, we enjoyed breakfast in bed and fucked one more time before getting ready to go home. She was quite sore for a few days afterwards. Told me it was from the vigor of the fucking she received but I got to fuck her loose, sloppy cunt twice after she’d taken the entire shaft of Martin’s long, thick dick. I think Martin had a bit more to do with the soreness than I did, but that’s all right by me. I had just experienced the fantasy of a lifetime, watching my pretty sweet wife fuck another guy.

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Being Roberts Sex Slave

February 20th, 2010

I had been Master Robert’s slave for only 1 week now, but already I would do anything – ANYTHING – he wished of me.

“Ama!” I heard him yell, “Kneel at readiness!” I scrambled over to his feet kneeling before him. I arched my back sitting on my crossed ankles, as I spread my knees wide to reveal a glistening cunt for him. “Good, Ama. You have pleased me well.” “Thank you, Master,” I said, with my eyes lowered in respect, but my head raised high. He came over to me removing the towel he wore from his recent shower. “Look, little Ama, at what you do to me.” I smiled at him. “Yes, Master.” He revealed a very hard cock for me. “I have a surprise this day for you, Ama,” Master said, his eyes holding mine. “A surprise, Master?” “I found a trainer for you. He is going to teach you to please me.” “Master, how? I thought I already please you. Do not make me. Please,” I cried. I did not want to be with anyone, but Master Robert.

Master walked over the door without acknowledgement of my plea, to let in a huge, tanned man. His muscles bulged everywhere. He carried a soft leather whip in his hand. His eyes were steel balls that didn’t see me as a girl, but saw me only as a toy. I looked stunned, and I quivered inside barely able to breath. I went to Master’s feet to kiss them. “Please, Master.” “Master Richard will teach you to suck me without gagging as you do.” “But Master, this slave only gags once in a while.” I pleaded with him. Why did he not teach me himself if such a thing could be taught. “Hush, Ama,” Master told me, coldly.

Master Richard walked over to me as I sat in the kneel at readiness position again with my back straight and my knees spread wide, so as not to be beaten with the whip. Master Richard examined me all the way around. “Nice, Master Robert. You can sure pick them.” I looked at Master, and he smiled. Master Richard took his pants off while facing my way. My Master went to him looking at me. “This is how Master Richard can teach you better than I,” he said, and turned Master Richard around. Before me stood at least a twelve inch cock. My mouth opened in horror. How would I ever get that in my mouth? “Suck me, Ama, now,” Master Richard ordered. I put him in my mouth but only part way before I gagged. Master Richard used the whip against my pussy with a swat. I cringed and nearly cried out. “Try it again.” This time I tried to relax to get it further down my throat. I wanted to please him. I really did, but could not. Again he swatted my pussy with the whip. Tears welled up in my eyes which made it harder to suck him. Further down my throat I got him each time and every time he swatted my pussy till it stung. “Suck again, Ama. Do not gag and you will not be beaten.” I took the mammoth cock into my mouth and nearly all the way that time. I did not wish to be hit again, but once more he hit my pussy.

“Suck it,” he yelled. This time it went down my throat. I relaxed more and more until I could get it down without gagging. He forced his hips back and forth fucking my open mouth. “Yes, Ama, you can do it. Now swallow me.” True fear filled my insides hoping I could swallow him all without leaking any. My pussy stung, and I did not want him to hit me again. Master Richard’s orgasm approached with a shock and dripped into my mouth. I swallowed hard three times before the flow stopped. I nearly smiled to myself as he still fucked my mouth. I had not let any of his cum drip from my mouth. Without a word from me, Master Richard pulled his cock from my mouth and I sat straight for Master. He turned to Master Robert and said to him, “She is trained.” “Thank you, Master Richard. You did well.” I wanted to tell him it had been me that did well. All Master Richard did was force his huge cock down my throat. Master Richard left the apartment and my Master came to me. “Now suck me off that way,” he ordered. I took Master’s cock into my mouth till his balls hit my chin. I did not gag or even flinch. His eight inches were now a blessing to me. While Master fucked my mouth, I pushed my heels into my cunt to please myself. My hips wiggled back and forth to rub my clit. “Swallow me, Ama, now,” he told me. The warmth of Master’s cum sprung into my mouth and deep down my throat. I relished my Master’s cum. I even longed for it. I swallowed all of him as I began to grind my cunt into my heels making myself cum. As Master stopped cumming, and I swallowed the last of his cum, he took his cock from my mouth and grabbed onto me tightly. “Oh, Ama, you please me so much.” I smiled cuddled in his strong arms. I had learned and knew that the next lesson he would bring to me, I would also be able to learn.

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Bill Is A Hypnotist

February 19th, 2010

“You’ve got to come,” said Colleen.

“I’ll talk to Joe,” I responded, wanting to say yes. Colleen was staying in the next cabin over; Joe and I had rented a lake-side cabin for a week and Colleen had introduced herself right away. It was the morning of our first full day and Colleen and I were sitting on the dock that our cabins shared while Joe was out in our boat.

There were four cabins close by and Colleen told me the four couples always go together several times during their annual two-week stay. She said the couple who had rented Joe’s and my cabin for the last couple of years apparently couldn’t manage it this year.

I felt lucky: Colleen and Don were really nice and though I hadn’t talked to the other couples, I had to believe friends of Colleen’s were going to be pleasant company. Joe and I certainly haven’t expected to step into a social scene, but I was sure we’d enjoy it.

One of the other two couples, who Colleen introduced as Bill and Linda were there when we arrived. Both were a little older than the rest of us, though Bill, who was tall, looked like he was in better shape than the younger guys. Colleen pushed wine in our hands and we sat down. Linda didn’t seem to be much of a talker, but I did my best to converse with her. The last couple, Jeannie and Greg arrived soon after. They appeared to be Joe’s and my age and were all smiles.

I talked to Greg and Jeannie after we got our supper: the two of them seemed to stick together. I found out he was a doctor and she was a nurse. Joe was talking to Don and Bill and seemed to be engrossed in the subject of boats. Supper was over and Colleen called for everyone’s attention. She said it was time for the evening’s games. I wondered about Trivial Pursuit and figured something like that wouldn’t be too bad. Colleen didn’t mention anything though.

“What do you guys play?” I asked Jeannie.

She giggled briefly. “Well, I’ll bet were going to do hypnotism.”


“Yes, Bill is a hypnotist; it’s hysterical!”

This was a new one on me: I’d never met a hypnotist socially before or seen anyone do that at parties. I heard someone say “Nw couple should go first,” but Colleen vetoed that idea and volunteered herself and Don. I just watched, intrigued if a little nervous at the idea that they might be expecting me to allow myself to be hypnotized. Colleen and Don sat on the couch next to each other and Bill knelt in front of Colleen, talking to her quietly. “What does he make you do?” I asked Jeannie. “Oh, just silly things,” said Jeannie. “Like what?” Colleen was asleep! She was slouching in couch and her head as slumped back and Bill was talking to Don.

“Just watch,” said Jeannie and she giggled. Soon Don was out too and Bill had them both stand in the center of the room. Then he told them when they awoke, that they’d act normally, but if anyone clapped their hands, they’d immediately give each other a short kiss! He demonstrated the sound of a clap a few times as he instructed them. He awakened them, and Colleen was immediately asking people if they needed more to drink. Yes, I thought about clapping. Finally, Bill did. They did it! They both broke off and immediately found each other and kissed each other for just a second! Then Colleen went back and continued as if nothing had happened! “Nothing for me, I’m fine,” said Greg as she came over, and he clapped. They did it again. Jeannie looked at me, revealing her amusement. I couldn’t help it it was funny. I grinned despite myself. That went on for another ten minutes or so, and then Bill put them under again and then removed the suggestion. We gave them a hand when they came awake, and they didn’t show any signs of suddenly needing to kiss. Colleen smiled at me and I could see she was a good sport about it.

“You should be next,” said Jeannie, next to me. “New couple’s next,” she announced to the whole room. “That seems fair,” chimed in Colleen, “over the couch, you two.” I’d never been hypnotized before, and was definitely nervous about it. But I did wonder what it would be like. Joe seemed to look to me for guidance. I shrugged at him and he shrugged back. I figured they’d get their chance to laugh at us but where was the harm? And we didn’t want to look too suck up when we were just starting our week. Bill started talking to me as I sat on the couch. Joe was next to me, watching me. I was sitting on the couch, talking to Jeannie. Suddenly I realized I wasn’t wearing any pants! I looked down at myself. I was completely exposed, t for some reason, I didn’t cover up “Jeannie, I’m not wearing any pants!” I said quietly but feeling shaken. “Oh, don’t worry about it,” she said. She didn’t seem concerned. I was wearing just a tee-shirt and I’d been in a dress earlier. I couldn’t figure it out why was I like this? Joe wasn’t wearing pants either. Just a tee-shirt. He was still just talking to Don, Bill, and Colleen. I felt like I needed to tell Joe and to go get something to wear. But I didn’t like the idea of standing up and walking across the room like that.

“Jeannie, I need to put something on!” I said.

“Don’t worry, we don’t mind,” she replied, cheerfully. I looked down at myself. Just sitting there for everyone to see. “You look fine,” she said, and went back into talking about something else. “Could you get me something to put on,” I asked her quietly when I had a chance to talk. “I said, don’t worry about it,” she replied. “No one minds, do they Greg? “Not a bit.” “But, everyone will see me,” I went on. She ignored my complaint and just went on. Joe sidled over and sat down next to me. He whispered to me: “We don’t have any pants on!” “I know,” I whispered back. “What are we going to do?” It all was so strange. “We’ve got to get something to put on,” he replied. “Oh, don’t worry about being like that,” repeated Jeannie, to Joe this time. “It’s OK, isn’t it Greg?” “Sure!”

“Greg’s a Doctor and I’m a nurse, and besides, everyone has seen penises before.” I glanced at Joe and he glanced back. This wasn’t right. I didn’t see how they could just sit there, and talk about it. “Greg sees lots of penises,” she went on, “do you want to check Joe’s?” she asked, turning to Greg. Greg didn’t reply and she went on again, “Stand up and let Greg look at it.” Joe looked nervous, but stood. Greg pulled his chair closer. He took Joe’s penis in his hand! He lifted it up and looked at the underside, and then fingered Joe’s testicles, lifting them and letting them drop. Then he sort of folded Joe’s penis to the right and to the left and then held it straight out.

“Do you have any trouble with erections?” he asked, not looking up. “No,” answered Joe. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I glanced around all eyes were on Greg and Joe. He bent over, inspecting it closely, top, bottom, and sides. “Do you masturbate?” “No,” said Joe. He looked at the head and ran his finger around it and over it. He then bent it up again, looking at the underside and feeling Joe’s testicles again. For a minute, he didn’t talk, just continuing to handle Joe’s penis. “Truthfully,” Greg finally said.

“Well, not much,” Joe admitted. Then Greg wrapped his fingers around it a d rubbed back and fourth a couple of times. “Does Gina take it in her mouth?” he went on. I gulped when he said that. “Uh, once in a while.” I felt embarrassed that they were talking about this in front of me. “Do you have good sensation?” He had grabbed it in one hand and was touching the underside of the head with his finger while he asked this. “What?” “When it’s touched you have no trouble sensing when it is stimulated?” “No.”

“Let’s see you stimulate it a little.” Joe looked terribly embarrassed. G eg let go and backed up a little. “Go ahead,” he repeated. Finally, Joe took it in his hand, wrapping his fingers around it and started moving his hand back and forth. “OK, let go,” said Greg. It was a bit hard, sticking out at an angle. “Did you ever let a man touch it?” “No!” came Joe’s quick response. “Well, your doctor touches it, doesn’t he?” “Well, yes, you know what I mean.” “Just what do you mean by that, Joe?” he asked again, taking it in his ha d again! I just stared.

“Not sexually or anything!” Greg had it in one hand and was lightly running the fingers of his other hand over the head. “Did you ever get stimulated when a doctor touched it?” “No!” It was getting larger while Greg was touching it! How about when you had a prostate exam?”

“No!” Greg let go and stood up and Joe was sticking straight out! Greg we t over and opened a black bag a doctor bag that I hadn’t seen before and he pulled out a rubber glove an some lubricant. Everyone just watched him. He put on the glove and put lubricant over his finger and to k some to behind Joe! Joe just stood there. “Gina, stand in front of Joe with your back to him,” said Greg. I stood u . I felt so embarrassed, everyone looking at me. I got in front of Joe and did as Greg asked. “Reach behind and old his penis and press it down.” I did it. “Back into him and press your rear against the top of his penis. Don t take your hand off it.”

I stood there. I felt Joe’s body move I knew Greg had inserted his finger or fingers in Joe’s rear. I could feel by Joe’s movement against me that Greg was doing it.

“Gina, is Joe still hard?” asked Greg. “Yes,” I answered, obediently. I thought I heard a snicker from someone i the room. I wanted badly for this to be over with. I still felt Joe’s body moving. “Is he getting harder?” asked Greg. “I . . . I don’t know,” I answered. If he was, it wasn’t by much. Jeannie approached me and briefly put her finger right on my vagina. “She’s getting wet, though,” she volunteered. I felt I would just die rig t there.

“OK, get her ready for her exam,” said Greg. Jeannie pulled me by the arm and I followed her. I sneaked a look back. Greg was standing free of Joe and was taking off his glove. Jeannie led me to the kitchen table and told me to lean over it, so my rear was hanging off the edge. Behind me I hear Greg tell Joe to remain standing, and slowly “stroke” himself to keep himself hard. Looking back at hi , I watched him do it while Bill approached him and talked to him quietly.

Don came up behind me as I leaned there. He unzipped his pants and took out his penis, his cock. “Don’t look,” said Jeannie, “look forward.”

I felt the cock being positioned. Then it pushed in all the way and in seconds, Don was doing me wildly. Jeannie crouched down in front of me and looked at me. “Enjoy these exams?” sh asked. I was breathing too hard to answer. Don finished and withdrew, then I felt a cock again. I knew it must be one of the other guys. Jeannie smiled at me. I glanced a little to the side: Linda was standing there dressed in only t-shirt. She just stood there, looking straight in front of her, her hands on top of her head. Colleen was be ind her I could see that she was touching Linda’s rear but I couldn’t see what she was doing. I felt yet another cock enter me. I wanted to know what Colleen was doing. I looked back in front of me to see Jeannie preparing three hypodermics from the doctor’s bag.

It was morning and Joe and I were making breakfast in our kitchen for all of them. They’d gone out in the boats. We were still both dressed just in tee- shirts. We just kept working, not saying anything. Colleen came in the door with the Landlady. The door had just been standi g open. “Nice,” said the Landlady, giving Joe’s rear a little smack. I’d only seen her once, when we checked in, though I’d talked with her on the phone a couple of times earlier. She ran her hand over Joe’s cheeks and between. “Did he enjoy losing his . . . virginity?” she asked.

Colleen seemed to be hiding a smile. I felt like I was about to come, just looking at them. “Send them over for a while after they clean up here,” continued the Landlady.

“Her too?” asked Colleen.

“I’ve got some ironing to do,” answered the Landlady.

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A Mind Under Control

February 19th, 2010

My assistant, Didi, and I were sent by our company to Cairo Egypt to do some financial work. One night, I was sitting alone at the bar, and a mysterious woman approached me with a message to meet her Master out at the tombs in an hour. Just as quickly as she appeared, she disappeared into the night. I tried to follow her, but lost her in the darkness. I knew where the tombs were, so in my curiosity, I decided to go to the tombs.

I arrived at the tombs exactly on time. I was met by the mysterious woman. She asked me to follow her, and led me to her Master, Abdul. “Jim”, he said, “because of the way you have been treated badly in your life, you have been chosen to receive the charmed amulet. I am an old man now, and I am ready to pass the amulet on, just as you will do when you become an old man. Until that time, you will have your desires come true; women, riches, possessions. The only condition is that you must wear the amulet at all times. Do you accept this amulet?” I was skeptical, but I decided to accept anyway. “Jim, I know that you are here in our country with your assistant, Didi. Try it on her. Even though she’s turned you down in the past, she’ll find you irresistible, if that’s what you want. You can take her virginity if that is what you want.” I turned to start walking back to the city, turned around to ask a question, and both Abdul and his slave were gone. I was mystified, turned around to start walking back, and I found myself already at my hotel. Still holding the amulet in my hand, I put it on.

I walked back into the hotel bar, and Didi was there having a drink. I sat down with here at the same table, and ordered a drink. Didi asked, “Where were you?” I replied, “Just taking a ]walk.” She acted as if she didn’t notice the amulet. We sat for a minute without talking, the amulet reading my thoughts started glowing, and Didi unbuttoned the front of her blouse and took it off. Her bra was plain. Didi said, “Let’s go back to my room. There’s something I want to give you.” While walking down the hall to her room, she unhooked and took off her bra. Her pink nipples were now standing at full attention. We stopped at her room door she embraced me and gave me a passionate kiss, and were exploring each others mouths with our tongues. I could feel my cock swelling in my pants. When we broke the kiss, we were both breathing heavily. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to do this, she groped at my crotch, smiled, and then turned to unlock her room. We went in, and she turned to lock the door.

We were both barefoot in the heat. She grabbed at my shirt, and tore it off of me. She was perspiring not from the heat, but from her excitement. I embraced her, and started sucking on her nipples. She groaned in excitement. I thought, damn, this bitch is in heat. While still sucking her nipples, I unfastened her shorts and let them fall to the floor. She stepped out of her shorts. I grabbed at her panties and ripped then off. I knelt down in front of her, and started licking at her pussy. She tasted so hot and so sweet. She grabbed at my hair for me to stand up. She gazed into my eyes for a second, then bent to kiss the amulet. She then loosened my bottoms and let them fall to the floor. Then she pulled my underwear to the floor.

I stepped out of my bottoms and jeans at the same time. She knelt to the floor, and stroked my cock. She put the head in her mouth, and grabbed my balls in her hand, gently squeezing. She licked at the tip of my cock, then took my cock all the way in her mouth, back to the throat. She was sucking greedily. I took my cock out of her mouth, and moved her to the bed. She was ready. She already had her legs open, ready for her fucking. I put my cockhead at the opening to her pussy. I put in my cock up to her hymen. I looked at her and could see the want in her face. I pushed in, popping her virginity, then pushed my entire length into her. She moaned loudly and she arched her back at my impalement. I started pounding at her wildly, and she bucked back. I felt her orgasm building. There was no holding back. As I felt her climaxing, I climaxed too. I pumped spurt after spurt into her hot cunt. I withdrew, and there were a few drops of cum at the tip of my cock. She moved her mouth down to my cock and licked up the last few drops. She then laid down so were face to face. She moved closer to me, kissed me and whispered “Thank you.”

The next morning, I woke before Didi did. I quietly dressed and slipped out the door without waking her. I went to the hotel’s restaurant for breakfast. Sitting there was Abdul, and his mistress, the mysterious woman. I walked over to their table. Abdul said to me “Now do you believe in the power of the amulet?” I asked him how the amulet worked. He told me “The amulet knows your thoughts and desires. You must wear it at all times so that it can learn more about you. It is not just a simple piece of jewelry, it is a powerful force.” I was still wearing the amulet. I was staring at the mystery woman, and the amulet started to glow. Immediately, the mystery woman crawled under the table, and crawled over to me. She reached up to my crotch and started rubbing. I was already hard just thinking about her. She slid my work shorts down off me, pulled them off, then slid my underwear down, and pulled them off too. She was stroking my cock and gently squeezing my balls that I thought I would pop. She then guided my cock to her mouth, and started sucking my cock. She immediately took my entire length in her mouth, and I climaxed in her mouth, and she swallowed so hard, not wanting a single drop to be lost. As she crawling out from under the table, Didi walked up to the table. She walked up to me, passionately kissed me, and seeing the woman, asked me “Having fun?”

“Yes I did. We were just sitting here waiting to order breakfast, and things just started to happen.” Didi said to me “I glad you were again satisfied.” Then Abdul spoke up, “The restaurant doesn’t open up for another hour.” Abdul and his slave then just vanished from sight. This didn’t seem to affect Didi. She stood up, took me by the hand, I stood up, and she again gave me a passionate kiss. The amulet started glowing brightly. She led me back to her room.

Inside the room, she undressed me quickly. She immediately dropped to her knees, and started sucking me off. While on her knees, she removed her blouse and bra quickly. I removed my cock from her mouth, kneeled down to her level, and kissed her while pulling gently on her nipples. I could hear her moaning through our kiss. She then again kissed the amulet, whispering to it. I could not hear what she said. I picked her up and carried her to the bed. I removed her shorts and panties. I started sucking on her clit. I then moved down, and stuck my tongue into her pussy. She moaned loudly and arched her back.

She pulled away slightly getting on her elbows and knees, and moaned at me “Fuck me now!” I moved to her pussy but didn’t put it in her. She started crying. “Please fuck me now.” That’s what I wanted to hear, for her to beg for it. In the first thrust I got the cockhead in her, and in the second thrust I put my entire length into her. I was really pumping her hard. She yelled out “I’m cccuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmming!” I could feel her orgasm washing over her. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I was dumping large loads of cum into her pussy and onto her cervix. I withdrew and we laid side-by-side, kissing. She started crying. I asked her to tell me why. She told me that she was very happy with me, but was sad because of all the time wasted that we could have been together. I told her we would make it up to each other. I then gave her a little slap on her butt, smiled at her, and said “Well, sexy, let’s go have breakfast and get to work for the day.”

At the end of the day, Didi got called into the manager’s office, so I went back to the hotel and decided to go for a swim at the hotel’s pool. I went back to my room and changed into my swimming suit, and went to the pool. Already at the pool was a family that was 2 doors down from mine. There was the father, mother, the 17 year old son, and the 18 year old daughter. My eyes were glued to the daughter. She was stunning. She had wavy brown hair going down to the middle of her back. Just looking at her, I was getting aroused. The amulet started glowing and sent an invisible beam to the girl. I left the pool area, and she followed right behind me. I went straight to my room, with her right behind me. I invited her into my room, and closed the door behind us. We locked into an embrace kissing. I asked her name, and she told me it is Donna. I quickly stripped Donna out of her bathing suit, and then out of my own. She reached down and grabbed my cock. I began playing with her breasts. Her breasts were small, but I wasn’t complaining. She was becoming excited, and let out a low moan. I moved a hand down to her pussy, and began rubbing on her. I moved my mouth to her free breast, and began sucking on it. She moaned a little louder and guided us to the bed.

She threw me down on the bed and started sucking my cock. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven, because she was such a good cocksucker. I could tell this girl was not a virgin. She got up and positioned my cock at her pussy. She then dropped herself on my cock, impaling her cunt. Even though she wasn’t a virgin her pussy was still very tight. She kept rising and falling on me. With her beauty along with my lust, I exploded into her. She climaxed right after me, and she laid on top me for a few minutes. She got up, put back on her bathing suit, and went back to the pool. After Donna left my room, the amulet began glowing red, and I heard a voice out of nowhere, say, “You have just made Donna become pregnant.” I never saw her again, her family checked out of the hotel the next morning.

Two months later, both Didi and I returned back to our office in Florida. Didi and I got married three weeks later, and we were both happy and enjoyed the sex we shared. I never took off the amulet. I received a promotion that required occasional travel throughout the US. I had many affairs, and after I returned home after each trip, Didi wanted to know all the sexy details about the women I had enjoyed. |

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The Doctor Appointment

February 19th, 2010

Dr. Mary Abbrielle stretched. Her hand went to the small of her back
as she rubbed at the ache. “I have got to get back to the gym” she
muttered to herself. She glanced at the clock on her desk. It was
hidden from the comfortable furniture her patients could choose to sit
in. She sighed with relief as she still had six minutes before her
last appointment of the day. Maybe she’d go swimming tonight. Yes,
she’d definitely get some swimming in, she could use the exercise. Dr.
Abbrielle tried to reduce the ache in her back by touching her toes a
bit. She tried leaning sideways and it did ease the pain up a bit. She
walked over to her desk. 3:57, time to review her notes for her four
o’clock. It was a talker.

Dr. Abbrielle divided her patients between doers and talkers. Doers
actually worked on their problems. The work might not often benefit
the patient, they might not progress every week, but at least they
made a good faith effort at resolving their problems. Talkers, on the
other hand, were stuck. For whatever reason, usually fear of pain,
they refused to budge off the spot. That was why she always scheduled
a talker for her final appointment of the day. There was less chance
of an epiphany, and less stress on her when it came time to go home.

Mr. Dale was a talker. He had been referred as pro bono. Mr. Dale was
49, overweight (not that the good Doctor couldn’t stand to lose a few
pounds, she chided herself), and a diabetic. A good work history up to
eight months ago, but now he was out of work, and for some reason he
couldn’t get motivated to look for work beyond a token weekly search
on the internet. Dr. Abrielle studied her notes. Then the discrete
warning light glowed. The light was also hidden from her patients. It
let her know when her office door opened. Her four o’clock had showed
up. She let him wait the minute and at four opened her door and
invited Mr. Dale into her inner office.

Mr. Dale slid into the large chair. His red jacket sleeve showed
evidence of its dual use as handkerchief and napkin while the tomato
stain on his yellow pocket t-shirt gave Dr. Abbrielle a hint of his
luncheon menu. Dr. Abbrielle greeted him, then sat and waited.
Uncomfortable silence was a very useful prod with talkers. But today
it wasn’t working all that well.

Mr. Dale fidgeted and rubbed his nose. He looked back at the Doctor,
then reported as he always did the number of resumes he had e-mailed
and faxed that week, then that he had an interview. “And have you been
watching your blood sugars?”, she asked.

Mr. Dale nodded, “I have them down to 176!” her said with pride.

“That’s not good enough.” Dale deflated, then muttered, “I know…”

Dr. Abbrielle hesitated. “In fact, I have another issue we need to
discuss. How long have we been meeting?”

“I don’t know…maybe, what, five months?”

The Doctor nodded. “The thing is, you’ve defined your problem very
clearly in those months, but you don’t seem to have made significant
progress. There may be reasons for that …”

“I AM really comfortable with you Dr. Abbrielle. Honest!”

“I know you think that, Mr. Dale. But whereas classic analysis CAN
take a long time for the patient to come to grips with their
situation, the methodology I use can sometimes identify when a patient
cannot or will not take the further steps needed to resolve their
issues. And I think that describes your situation.”

“No Doctor. Please, I’ll … I’ll try.”

Dr. Abbrielle smiled. “Mr. Dale., its not a matter of trying, or
failing. Rather there is just that my methods are not productive with
you and I suggest that another doctor might provide you with a more
successful attack to your problem.”

Mr. Dale was quiet. He sat there. Slits of light from the closed
Venetian blinds stretched across the wall. Mr. Dale started, “It’s
just that…it’s just”. His fist raised and hit the arm of the chair.

There was a pause.

“It’s just that…” Dr. Abrielle prompted.

There was another pause.

Dale shook his head. “You wouldn’t like it…”

“Please,” she smiled, “I’m not here to judge your life, only to help
you deal with your issues.”

“There are issues, and then there are ISSUES, Dr. Abbrielle.”

She raised her hand palm up. “If you don’t share the information,
there is nothing I can do to – ”

Dale cut in “I control people.”

Dr. Abbrielle tilted her head. “We all influence an try to control
people. Being persuasive, trying to meet our needs and goals is part
of being human. If you feel you are being manipulative…”

“No. I control them. I make people do whatever I want them to.”

Dr. Abbrielle sighed to herself. She had missed something. Her
diagnosis didn’t include these delusions.

“I am not having delusions Doctor. I can make you do whatever I want.
I always have been able to do that.”

“And I suppose this is where I demand that you prove it.”

“I suppose it is.”

There was a pause. Something tickled her back brain. Too many episodes
of the Twilight Zone, she supposed. She dismissed it. She smiled.
“Prove it Mr. Dale.”

“Are you sure, Doctor?”

“Quite sure”

Mr. Dale gave a semi-smile. “I DID ask…”

Dr. Abbrielle unbuttoned her jacket. “I’m waiting…”

“It’s not like a comic book. It’s not ‘Simon Says’ Doctor..”

“Call me Mary, sir.” She dropped her jacket on the floor.

“Its not ‘Simon Says’ Mary. Me ordering you about. It’s inside.”

“Inside?” she undid her tie and taking an end in each hand rubbed it
back and forth across her ass.

He nodded. “Inside. I send my subject a command. My subject’s mind
just processes the command perfectly normal thought and acts on it. I
never have to say it out loud”

She slung the tie across the room, then bent over facing him. She
slowly unbuttoned her blouse, letting her breast lay low. She purred
like a kitten, then said “So I could be doing something I would never
normally do, but I would be thinking it perfectly normal?”

“That’s right”

She shrugged her blouse off and then unsnapped her bra and dropped it.
Then she stood up. “That’s a very good story, Mr. Dale. But there is
an obvious hole in it”, she pinched her nipples which started to
harden into tight erasers, “if it seems perfectly normal to me, here
would be no – mmmm – no – ahhh – way you could prove to me tha tha
that oh goddd that it was you controlling me.”

“True, unless someone else came in and pointed out that you were

“But I am always topless for you. I enjoy showing my large creamy
breasts, err titties to you. I want you to suck my titties.”

“Isn’t having sex with a patient inappropriate?”


“Almost as inappropriate as calling your bosom ‘titties’?”

“To a patient, yes. Don’t you want to suck my titties?”

“Maybe later.”

Dr. Abbrielle took some notes. It was a persistent illusion. She
stopped writing long enough to pinch her nipples back into hardness.
“So does your power have limits?”

“Well yes. I can’t make the whole world do as I wish. And I have to be
in contact with the person…in the same room, or on the phone.
Although with a lot of positive reinforcement and repeated contact I
can control a person even if I am not there n person.”

Dale paused. “And I suppose there is my upbringing.”

Dr. Abbrielle rubbed her great breasts, proud Mr. Dale liked watching
her. “Your upbringing?”

“I only had this power since 186- err since I was a teen-ager. I
couldn’t bring myself to use it on my parents. I can’t seem to bring
myself to force a person to do something wrong or hurt themselves….
It just doesn’t seem right. On the other hand, to make a person do
something pleasing to themselves…”

Dr. Abbrielle nodded as she stepped out of her skirt. This WAS a well
defined psychosis. “And can you ‘control’ more than one person at a
time?” She took off her shoes and then slid her pantyhose off, glad to
be out of them.

“Well Mary, I can’t control Yankee stadium, but a handful of people…

Dr. Abbrielle giggled and wiggled out of her panties and handed them
to Mr. Dale to hold and smell. As he took a couple minutes to enjoy
them, she worked on how to approach his delusion. Perhaps if she (she
stopped to roll the pantyhose into a tight small ball and slide it
into her ass, wincing as her buttocks stretched bit more than usual,
then sighed as pain turned to pleasure..) confronted him with the
realit – she moaned – realities of it… “Mr. Dale, if you mmmm you
could do this, why don’t you? Why not march into a bank and tell them
to give you cash?”

Dale nodded, “Good point mary. You tell me.”

Dr. Abbrielle giggled and then started fingering her clit. “I I guess
because of computers?” She giggled more, then really started rubbing
her clit harder.

Dale nodded. “Exactly. The transaction could be traced to a clerk who
would have to explain why she (or he) gave me more money than was in
my account. I can control people, but not numbers. And I can only
control them in person.”

Dr. Abbrielle opened her purse and took out all her money and handed
it to Mr. Dale. She wrinkled her forehead and looked at her purse. She
studied it and muttered “So you couldn’t get someone to hand over a
check or a credit card because it could be traced…” she tried to
think why she had her purse out. She looked up at Mr. Dale to see him
sliding $300 dollars into his wallet. That was funny, she had $300 in
her purse – well, she did before she spent it on lunch. Oh well. She
put her purse down and focused on stroking her clit harder.

Dale continued as she slid her left nipple into her mouth and tamped
the pantyhose more tightly into her ass. “Same with other things. I
can’t make you make love to me, for instance. Much too risky. The
objective evidence couldn’t be easily explained. I can’t make someone
hire me for a job – these days you have to justify hiring and
performance appraisals – I suppose it was a lot easier a couple of
centuries ago when you could stake out a little land and make everyone
serve you.” Dr. Abbrielle came, then slid the ball from her ass then
kissed Mr. Dale. “Maybe it was even easier last century, when you
could use your abilities to become a robber baron and there wasn’t
enough scrutiny to stop you. But these days…”

He stopped to give Dr. Abbrielle the chance to rub his cock between
her large aching breasts.. He might not risk fucking her, but there
WERE other pleasures.

“I can see where it would be hard, sir.”

Dale nodded. “Of course, there are ways. Find a professional…someone
who might not be rich or famous, but well off…”

“I would LOVE it if you would move in with me. ”

“I never thought you’d ask, mary”

“Call me your slut sir. And may I call up Tami Netherton. I am sure
you would enjoy her butt and titties. I know I would love to suck her
off for you.”

“If you insist.”

Dr. Abbrielle nodded eagerly and reached for the telephone…

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