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Amy’s Physical Exam 1

August 13th, 2008

I still remember it like it was yesterday. I had applied to go to college, and one item marked on the college’s response was “required physical exam.” I didn’t really know what that meant (I was soo naive!), so I asked my Mom about it.”Why Amy,” she said, “it means you will have to go to the doctor and have him check you over.”

On further inspection, I saw that a specific doctor’s name was listed on the exam – the college’s physician. I called the office and set up the appointment. My girl friends all told me “He’ll examine between your legs!” Every time they said that, I turned bright pink. I was terrifically embarrassed at the idea, and I certainly did not want ANY strange man looking at me down there.

I voiced my concerns to my Mom, who reassured me, saying, “Don’t worry, Amy. The doctor is a professional, and he won’t do any more than he has to see that you’re in good health.”

“Mom is an optimist,” I thought to myself. I knew how the boys at school talked. They were always whispering about the girls they thought were pretty, and they talked a lot about “snatch,” and “pussy,” leaving no doubt about what they meant. I noticed the boys looking at the girls as the girls bent over – some of the girls wore REALLY short skirts so that the boys could see their rears when they leaned over, and those girls liked to know that the boys watched them that way. I always wore “nice” clothes. I liked to have boys look at me (what girl doesn’t), but I was always embarrassed when I caught one of them looking up my dress.

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