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I’m A Lesbian 12

March 31st, 2008

To the head and foot boards were tied two sets of fur-lined leather cuffs…for wrists and ankles. On the wall next to the bed hung various and sundry toys. And set in the middle of the bed was some sort of…seat. It was elevated slightly, and affixed to the sides of the bed by thick metal rods. Michelle tossed me over one shoulder and carried me to the bed, setting me down.

She removed her clothes for me, letting me drink in the sight of her as my thighs involuntarily held my forearms to my glowing vulva. Her breasts, larger than mine. Her hips, wider. Her pubic hair thick and luxurious, trimmed only near the center to allow easy access. Once she was nude she stood me up and began to undress me. My shirt, my slightly damp bra. Her height placed her breasts almost at eye level for me. She knew I loved her breasts, and moved closer, just close enough that they were almost touching my face. She slid down as she slid my panties down with her. She lifted each foot out of them, tossed them aside, and as she stood back up, she licked me.

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