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The Rookie 3

March 7th, 2008

I lightly tickled the rigid shaft, trailing my fingernails over the sensitive head as he laid a pattern of nibbling bites along my neck. He balanced himself on one arm, his free hand first guiding one of my taut nipples to his mouth, then slipping down to feel my exposed cunt. I had just shaved, so I was slick and smooth, almost slippery with my hot wetness sliding past my smooth pussylips to the crack of my ass. He moaned a bit against my nipple as he touched me, pushing one finger in my cunt and wiggling gently, causing my hand to clench convulsively at his thick hard penis.

He brought his mouth up to kiss me again, working his cock closer to my pussy, then into me as I wrapped my legs around his waist. He started out slow, with long deep strokes that made me come almost instantly, but with each orgasm, my cunt muscles grabbed his cock harder, and before too long the force of his strokes drove me into the seat of the police car. I leaned forward to nibble on his chest and neck when he suddenly exploded, spilling his thick hot cum into me and sending me on another round of delicious orgasms. We lay there a moment, his warm weight atop me as we quietly nuzzled each other.

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